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Use Case - Industry

Helping industrial organizations transform faster

Accelerate transformation in industrial organizations with Feedier. Our solutions empower your teams to enhance customer satisfaction and streamline operational processes in a high-value client environment.

Our solutions

Customer Intelligence helps your organization unify end-customer knowledge into a new competitive advantage.

Digital Experience

Investing in new digital customer portals and services? Feedier helps your team measure and analyze user satisfaction, saving time by identifying opportunities and detecting pain points in the user journeys. This ensures you invest in the right features for maximum impact. Identify clearly for every feedback the intent, the business context and the next-best action.

Innovation teams

Measure and analyze end-customer experiences at scale with Feedier. We help you connect the dots, gain a comprehensive view, and evaluate the impacts of your transformation projects.

B2B Experience

Compared to traditional B2C, customer experience in the industrial sector is markedly different. Every experience is crucial because the average client value is significantly higher. Feedier integrates with your CRM systems to automatically measure and analyze the voice of your end customers. Recognizing that it's rarely the person who signs the deal, we help your team gauge the experience of various project stakeholders throughout the customer journey.

Quality teams

QSE metrics and certifications, such as ISO 9001, require thorough measurement of customer satisfaction. Often, reporting is done manually, customer surveys are conducted in silos, and text insights are presented manually on slides. Feedier helps quality departments centralize, analyze, and report customer feedback in one place, streamlining the entire process.

Save your team
hundreds of hours per month


Next generation text insights


Time consuming tasks


Action plans creation


Advanced reports in minutes

Why Feedier?

The voice of your customers,
as a driver of sustainable growth

Take your team to the next level with Feedier

Traditional CX/VoC
Manual analysis

Standard CX dashboards

Generic text analysis

Manual action plans

24-month ROI

Expensive integration cycles

24/7/365 insights detection

Consultant level reports

Tailored text insights

AI-driven action plans

6-month ROI

No-code integration builder