Feedier Platform

Turn feedback into
Customer Intelligence

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Anticipate and eliminate
the cost of bad experiences

centralization of all feedback sources

Centralize all
feedback data

Break down data silos and give your teams a complete solution for collecting, importing and monitoring feedback, all in one place.

voice of customer

Bring context to your
operational data

Harness the full power of Customer Intelligence with integrated business data for better decision-making.

Intuitive analysis of structured and unstructured data

Integrate Feedier with your business tools to get full context on your feedback without relying on consulting services.

Listen better,
Transform faster.

Centralize your feedback, detect low signals, bring context with your business data and pilot your actions.
Feedier is the perfect solution for all your teams to understand and act on Customer Intelligence.

Centralize and drive

Never limit yourself to one survey. Centralize every single feedback source.

Enhance your
Feedback Management

Take a close-the-loop strategy and monitor all your feedback data from your dashboard.

Listen to your Voice of the Customer across all channels

Don’t settle for an email survey, request feedback using QR Code, Web and In-App Widget, SMS or your online review tools.

all your feedback

Collect your feedback directly from Feedier and automatically import your existing reviews (Google Reviews, online reviews) to unify your data in a single place.

Contextualize and improve

Go beyond feedback.
Contextualize and turn it into accurate and actionable intelligence.

Two-way integration of
your business tools

Integrate Feedier bi-directionally with your business tools to harness the power of your operational and feedback data all in one place.

Enrich your existing
operational data

Customize your CRM integration (Salesforce, Hubspot, Cornerstone, etc.) to enrich your operational data for better Customer Intelligence.

Pilot actions for
better tracking

Automatically notify your teams, take advantage of recommendations for improvement, automate your action processes and improve customer satisfaction.

Tailor-made customer segmentation

Identify and create different customer segments based on demographic, satisfaction and behavioral criteria.

Analyze and get AI recommendations

Avoid manual analysis.
Automate your reporting and enhance your action plans.

Share live reports with
your teams

In a few clicks, generate and share automatic Live Reports that compile all your data, so you can collaborate with your teams.

Monitore your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Import and benchmark your operational KPIs with your Customer Experience KPIs to align your objectives and identify areas for improvement.

Analyze text with a custom Language Model

Benefit from real-time analysis of large volumes of unstructured data, for accurate, actionable recommendations.

Feedier Copilot to save your teams hours of work

Take advantage of Feedier Artificial Intelligence by getting it to perform time-consuming tasks for your teams in a matter of seconds.

asked questions

Feedier is an AI-based Customer Intelligence platform that helps its clients transform faster.

The platform is structured around 3 solutions:

  • Feedier BX : The Feedier BX solution is what allows Feedier users to “close-the-loop” and fine-tune their Feedback Management strategy. Feedier BX comes with a range of tools for :
    • Collect feedback through satisfaction surveys across different channels such as SMS/Emails, Widget In-App or Web, QR codes and many others.
    • Import all existing feedback or reviews from any platform using the Web Scraping.
    • Automatically import Google Reviews continuously and in real time.
    • Download a .CSV or .PDF file gathering your reviews, feedback and comments, and import them into the platform.
    • Get a comprehensive overview of all feedback, along with a clear, detailed picture of each piece of feedback, so you can understand where issue lies.
    • Analyze and collaborate on this data through a range of automatic reports, updated in real time.
    • Monitor Key Performance Indicators, such as customer experience KPIs or operational KPIs.
    • Assign feedback to the right teams to act quickly on problem areas.
  • Feedier Connect: Enrich feedback data with operational data to transform feedback into accurate, actionable insights for your teams.
  • Feedier NLP: Training a Language Model (LM) on your own data to provide accurate analysis and recommendations based on your context, business and so on.
Customer Intelligence is the process of collecting, analyzing and interpreting customer data to better understand their expectations and needs.
Customer data includes information such as feedback, demographics, purchasing behavior, brand interactions and personal preferences.

There are 9 main areas in which Customer Intelligence contributes to improving the Experience:

  1. Anticipating issues: Using customer data analysis, teams can identify trends and potential issues before they emerge in the customer journey. This means they can be solved before they become major issues.
  2. Improving products and services: Customer feedback and customer data enable improvement measures to be taken to precisely meet customer needs. This results in offers that are relevant and attractive to the market.
  3. Meeting needs: Good Customer Intelligence helps teams to anticipate and meet customer needs, improving satisfaction and loyalty.
  4. Building a seamless experience: Customer Intelligence provides accurate data on the customer journey, their behavior, their intentions, etc. This gives teams a better understanding of the customer journey, enabling them to deliver a consistent, positive experience.
  5. Segmentation and Targeting: Customer Intelligence enables precise segmentation and more effective targeting in marketing campaigns, increasing the ROI and effectiveness of marketing efforts.
Feedier does not collect your customers’ personal data. Through satisfaction surveys, the platform collects data relating to the customer experience (feedback data).

Feedback data includes text responses, satisfaction rate, NPS (Net Promoter Score), CES (Customer Effort Score), and all other data resulting from the measurement of customer satisfaction.

On Feedier, your teams can also create or import customer metadata. This means more precise data or data from your business tools. These are classified on the platform as “attributes”. It is entirely possible to configure them to be sensitive or non-confidential. (read our data privacy page)

Feedier collects data from Users in order to provide them with the services for which they have registered with the platform.

The mandatory or optional nature of the data provided (in order to complete the User’s registration and provide the Services) is indicated at the time of collection by an asterisk.

In addition, some data is collected automatically based on the User’s actions on the platform.

(read our privacy page).

Feedier can be integrated with your business tools either through native integration, if available on the platform and suited to the needs of your teams, or through an API for custom integration with your operational environment.

(Read the Salesforce integration page)

There are four key steps to deploying the Feedier platform within your teams:

1. Kickoff: This first step is essential to get the project off the ground. During the kickoff, objectives, expectations and the project schedule are defined. It’s also the moment to bring together all the teams involved to align their visions and ensure coordinated, efficient implementation.

2. Build phase: In this part, the Feedier solution is built and configured to meet the specific needs of your teams. This phase involves feature selection and customization, as well as preparing the system for successful integration. It also includes testing in a pre-production environment to check that everything is working properly.

3. Onboarding: After the Build phase and successful pre-production testing, the Feedier platform is ready for production. The onboarding stage is crucial, as it concerns the actual implementation of the system in your teams’ daily working environment. This is also when end-users are trained to use the platform.

4. Run phase: This final stage marks the ongoing use and day-to-day operation of Feedier by your teams. At this point, the platform is fully operational, and the focus is on ongoing monitoring, maintenance and optimization to ensure optimal efficiency and the achievement of the goals set at kickoff.

Every step of this process is designed to ensure the seamless and efficient integration of Feedier within your teams, meeting their exact needs.

Yes, the Feedier platform is compatible with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or data management tools. This is made possible by several key features:

  1. API integration: The platform has an API that enables flexible and efficient integration. In other words, you can connect Feedier to a range of business tools, including CRM systems or data management tools, for real-time data synchronization and management.
  2. Customized integrations: The ability to create custom integrations with any business tool is a major asset. This offers great flexibility and enables Feedier users to create tailor-made solutions that specifically meet their business needs.
  3. Native integrations with popular tools: Feedier offers native integrations with CRM tools such as HubSpot and Salesforce. These native integrations provide a direct, simplified connection with these platforms, enabling effective, integrated customer relationship management.
  4. Bi-directional integrations: Integrations work in two directions. Not only can you import data from your CRM or data management tools into Feedier, but you can also export data from Feedier to these tools. This feature ensures a continuous and consistent flow of data, improving business process efficiency and decision-making.

Feedier comes with different pricing plans, tailored to the specific variables and needs of each use case. Options differ to meet the diverse needs of businesses, ranging from standard solutions to more advanced, custom solutions. Each plan is designed to provide a full range of features, including feedback management, data analysis, integration with other tools, and more. Choosing the right plan will depend on your specific business requirements and the goals you aim to achieve with Feedier.

For specific details on the plans and to find the one that best suits your needs, please refer to the pricing page.

Yes, Feedier offers technical support for its platform, the level of support depending on the pricing plan chosen. Customers can benefit from a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM), with ongoing meetings that can be monthly or weekly, depending on the business’s specific needs and the plan signed up to. This CSM support is intended to help users get the most out of the Feedier platform, and to ensure that it meets their needs effectively. For more information on the levels of support offered, please visit the pricing page.

With Feedier, you can customize reports according to your company’s specific needs. Our platform allows you to create different views to suit each team or specific need. You can filter data by survey or by attributes (metadata) that may come from other business tools. Feedier also offers the option of creating live PDF reports, which can be shared for effective sharing and collaboration. This ensures that the reports generated are relevant and useful to the various stakeholders within your organization.

Feedier takes advantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to analyze text feedback, providing teams with valuable insights. AI processes text data in real time, providing actionable recommendations. ML helps decrypt sentiments and topics, enabling teams to better understand customer needs and opinions. This technology helps improve decision-making and customer satisfaction. For more info please visit our dedicated page.

Feedier does not offer a trial version, but does offer the option of arranging a custom demo of the platform.

Feedier also offers a Proof of Concept (POC) so that teams can evaluate the effectiveness and suitability of the solution for their specific needs. This enables a thorough evaluation of the platform before a decision is made.

Analyzed feedback yearly

feedier gdpr compliant

Quarterly compliance and data security audits.