The future of listening to the Voice-of-Customer

The future of listening to the Voice-of-Customer

The solution with the highest extent of adaptability to grasp end-customer experiences.

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Collect and centralize feedback

A plethora of data, one solution to manage it. BX Core™ is a module that allows you to collect, import, centralize and organize all your end-customer feedback data. Stay away from creating data silos, keep a clear and accurate view of the entire customer journey.

Import existing feedback data

Import Existing Feedback Data

You can connect to Google Reviews, utilise the REST API, import CSV files, and automate imports through web-scraping using Feedier.

import data

Create Interactive Surveys

Create Interactive Surveys

Make use of a user-friendly survey generator that allows for the inclusion of many languages, the setting of criteria, the use of 15+ different question kinds, and the application of a company's own branding to the survey.

Send SMS & Emails Campaigns

Deploy Campaigns and Gather Digital Feedback

Send out your surveys at optimal times for your respondents by creating and planning campaigns in minutes through Web Integration, Manual Sharing, or Third-Party Integrations. Create a widget and schedule its activation at the exact time on your site. This can be done at key moments in the user's journey to get feedback.

send campaign

Organize with Context

Organize with Context

Integrating your responses with operational data can improve the accuracy of your analysis. Connecting Feedier to your current Business Intelligence platforms (CRM, ERP, etc.) allows you to easily incorporate feedback data into ongoing business operations.Team management tools include the option to delegate survey feedback data to the departments most likely to make use of them.

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Organize with Context

Real-Time Monitoring

Your team will benefit greatly from having regular access to real-time customer input. The information is then compiled in a unified format that strengthens all aspect of the team's operations.

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Analyze and share insights

Knowledge is power. BX Intelligence™ can help you understand the full significance of your data. Get a detailed view of your data with a powerful, scalable, and intuitive dashboard that will allow you to sharply and easily examine your end-customer feedback data and tackle any problems your organization may face.

real-time data reporting

Analytics Suite

Analytics Suite

Easy-to-understand graphs and captivating insights that can save countless hours of manual analysis time.



Custom Dashboards

Give your teams the tools they need to succeed with team dashboards that balance privacy and team success while also providing an overarching picture for management.

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Text Analytics

Text Analytics

The use of machine learning allows for the analysis of free-form text responses, revealing valuable qualitative insights.

Sensitive mode


Create meaningful KPI benchmark reports in minutes to drive your team's efforts.
Every benchmark report contains visuals.
Feedier's benchmark reports integrate your CRM, LMS, or ERP operational data (attributes).

Sensitive mode

Pushes Insights

Using the Feedier dashboard, you can keep tabs on your campaigns and manage your list of recipients; you can make changes to their attributes, blacklist their emails, and even identify, encrypt, and conceal private information.


Geographical Explorer

Geographical Explorer

Feedier's customizable geographical heatmap report allows you to see where your input is coming from, and the details can be tweaked for each team.


Analytics Suite

Journey Mapping

A journey map that efficiently categorise comments by touchpoint and highlights areas for improvement.

Sensitive mode

Live Report

Feedier makes it easy to create specialised reports for your team's requirements. Custom branding, private link sharing, dashboard storage, and PDF export are all available options for these reports.

BX excellence

Improve and own decision making

Excellence is not a skill, it’s an attitude. Reach perfection in experience with BX Excellence™ and its ability of integration with existing business tools. Feedier lets you connect all of your data and move closer to your goal of achieving excellence in the business experience.

Individual Feedback Report

Feedback Segments

Use Stories to segment the feedback into manageable components that one team can take charge of and keep a close watch on in real time.

feedback segments

Action Workflow

Integration Interface

Make use of the tools already in place at your company to provide timely warnings to the appropriate individuals (Trello, Slack, MS Teams, Jira, Asana, etc.).


Account Management

Account Management

Control how your teams use the service. To protect your privacy, choose from one of four available user roles.

account management

Customer Success

Workflows via API

Automate the import of feedback entries, the deletion or retrieval of them with filters, the attachment of attributes, the sending of automated emails or SMS messages, and many other tasks. Feedier's API is secured using an API key (and perhaps an IP restriction) and is described in detail with Swagger / OpenAPI.

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Ownership Funnel

Ownership Funnel

Position everyone in your team to take ownership over the customer experience so you are constantly improving your processes. Get a holistic view of ownership metrics and ensure everyone in the team is proactive resolving CX issues are they appear.

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Store your data safely

Security and compliance are our foundations. Get complete confidence that all of your end-customer data is secure and protected on a GDPR-compliant platform with Feedier BX Cloud™.


Sensitive mode

Sensitive mode

Locate, encrypt, and conceal private information on Feedier's dashboard. Making data sensitive from the moment it enters Feedier, regardless of encryption, through different user roles and between teams.

Sensitive mode

Data Center Selection

Use a European-based Amazon Web Services server or the French-based OVH Cloud infrastructure to store your information.

Sensitive mode

GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation outlines the conditions that must be met for the proper processing of personal data, and Feedier satisfies those requirements (GDPR).

Feedback analyzed every year

feedier gdpr compliant

Quarterly audited for full compliance and data security