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Give your CX team

Built-in Feedier, Eureka AI is your new CX Analyst, working 24/7.

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Eureka AI saves your team
hundreds of hours per month

Built-in Feedier, Eureka AI is the Intelligence Layer that helps your team identify insights,
automate assignments and facilitate reporting at scale.


Next generation text insights


Time consuming tasks


Action plans creation


Advanced reports in minutes

What's different?

Eureka AI delivers both unmatched ROI, and business value for your team.

Broader data integration

Eureka AI stands out by utilizing a combination of real-time feedback and business records from all available sources.

Unmatched Data Protection

Eureka AI incorporates roles management, personal names anonymization, ISO 27001 certification and highly secure data hosting.

Proprietary query language

Eureka AI benefits from the full power of Feedier's query language, which supports 20+ filters, and unmatched performance.

Cutting-edge LLM technology

Eureka AI is built on the top-tier LLM, incorporating the most precise retrieval text insights technology available.

Why Feedier?

The voice of your customers,
as a driver of sustainable growth

Take your team to the next level with Feedier

Traditional CX/VoC
Manual analysis

Standard CX dashboards

Generic text analysis

Manual action plans

24-month ROI

Expensive integration cycles

24/7/365 insights detection

Consultant level reports

Tailored text insights

AI-driven action plans

6-month ROI

No-code integration builder

Yes. Eureka AI is part of the Feedier Platform, which has a feedback import module. So, you can plug in all your sources of customer feedback at no cost.

Yes. Eureka AI is part of the Feedier Platform, which has a feedback survey module. 

No. Unlike other companies, Feedier does not use your customer feedback data to train its models. 

Talk to our Sales team to get a quote within 24 hours based on your team's feedback volume. 

No. Eureka AI is built into the Feedier Platform's infrastructure, which supports a high volume of feedback records, business data, and integration sources. 

Make Customer Intelligence
your next Competitive Advantage