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Salesforce Feedback management: solutions and alternatives

Feedback management in Salesforce is key to improving customer experiences, Net Promoter Ccore (NPS), and increasing annual contract values.

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The native Salesforce integration –
advantages and drawbacks

Advantages of the native Salesforce Feedback Management product:

  • Extremely easy to setup
  • Simple surveys
  • Simple business model based on pack of survey responses
  • Integrates customer lifecycle maps
  • Support merge fields

Drawbacks and why Feedier’s native Salesforce integration brings value from day 1:

  • Feedier’s AI software provides real-time classification, analysis, and identification of pain points across all feedback collected.
  • Feedier is much cheaper with a large volume of feedback (>1000).
  • The platform integrates many sources of operational data which are not just limited to Salesforce’s service.
  • Feedier integrates Salesforce’s custom object and custom fields.
  • It provides intelligent reports for NPS, CSAT and CES.
  • Provides built-in use cases: post-chat surveys, close feedback loops and strategic client surveys.
  • Feedier can collect and import existing feedback data and re-synchronize it into Salesforce product anytime.

Why feedback management in Salesforce is useful

By bringing feedback management in Salesforce software (using Feedier features and API), users can easily collect and synchronize your feedback (imported from external surveys, surveys created on the Feedier BX platform, imported files or reviews platforms, etc.) with your sales and marketing efforts, improve customer engagement, customer experiences, and customer retention, and drive revenue growth.

Centralize your responses with Feedier and automatically map specific KPIs (CSAT, Net Promoter Score) to the appropriate customer on Salesforce, taking customer lifecycle analytics to the next level. Feedier’s API integration with business tools and their features enables companies to make the most of their end-customer data while maintaining privacy and confidentiality.

How does an alternative tool to Salesforce feedback management work?

With Feedier’s Salesforce API integration, your team can improve your customer satisfaction and gain actionable insights into customer behavior and preferences, all while streamlining your feedback process and making informed decisions.

The API integration work with 3 key actions:


Workflow 1: Enrich customer feedback with accurate object properties by integrating Salesforce with Feedier.

The feature synchronizes object attributes from Salesforce to Feedier (using SOQL). Leveraging Feedier’s AI and Analytics capabilities with Salesforce data.


Workflow 2: Create a custom feedback object with all answers and business data in Salesforce.

This bidirectional integration creates a more complete view of customer satisfaction and helps Sales and Support teams’ users make more informed decisions on leveraging customer experiences.


Workflow 3: Trigger real-time surveys post support, interactions, or every quarter

Save time and streamline the feedback process by automating surveys triggered by specific Salesforce events. This integration allows your team to understand customers and get actionable insights on customer lifecycle.

Gain valuable customer insights with Salesforce integration in Feedier


Track Feedback with Custom Objects

Utilize custom objects in Salesforce to track feedback from any survey, attaching responses to relevant Contacts, Accounts, Companies, or other custom objects. This enables comprehensive data collection, ensuring that every piece of feedback is connected to the appropriate customer or entity, providing a holistic view of customer interactions.

Real-Time Customer Experience Analysis

Gain deep insights into customer experiences through real-time analysis reports. By applying filters to object properties, you can generate unique reports that highlight specific trends and patterns in customer feedback. This helps in understanding customer sentiments and identifying areas for improvement.

AI-Powered Decision Making

Harness Feedier’s advanced Voice of Customer data reporting and artificial intelligence capabilities to drive informed business decisions. Use this powerful combination to enhance experience management, ultimately leading to better customer satisfaction and loyalty. The AI insights help pinpoint actionable areas to improve, making the feedback loop more efficient and impactful.

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