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Use Case - Public Services

Helping public services
transform faster

Accelerate transformation in public services with Feedier. Our solutions enable your team to enhance citizen satisfaction and streamline service improvements through real-time insights and automated analysis.

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Our solutions

Customer Intelligence helps your teams put the end-user first faster and cost-effectively.

Digital Experience

Public services are in a constant state of transformation, adapting to new behaviors from citizens, users, and companies. Feedier helps your team easily measure satisfaction across your digital stack, providing automated analysis that delivers a continuous flow of action plans and insights for your team to act on.

Claims Analysis

Analyzing thousands of claims and tickets is a repetitive, manual, and time-consuming process, but it's crucial for improving public services and ensuring their continuous improvement. Feedier centralizes claims, tickets, and user feedback in one place, automatically identifying critical issues, conducting impact analysis, and generating clear improvement plans.

User Satisfaction

First, Feedier helps your team measure satisfaction, with metrics such as NPS, at scale and in real-time. Then, Feedier connects every single feedback with its operational records to identify pattern in your user journeys and anomalies that can be addressed to improve the service.

Save your team
hundreds of hours per month


Next generation text insights


Time consuming tasks


Action plans creation


Advanced reports in minutes

Why Feedier?

The voice of your customers,
as a driver of sustainable growth

Take your team to the next level with Feedier

Traditional CX/VoC
Manual analysis

Standard CX dashboards

Generic text analysis

Manual action plans

24-month ROI

Expensive integration cycles

24/7/365 insights detection

Consultant level reports

Tailored text insights

AI-driven action plans

6-month ROI

No-code integration builder