About Feedier

About Feedier

Feedier is a platform for measuring and improving the B2B experience. Its goal is to become the European market leader in its field. Our solution lets you put all of the feedback you get from your customers, employees, users, suppliers, etc. in one place so you can get a full picture of their experience as a whole. So, you’ll be able to look at these data in a very easy way with Machine Learning-based visual reports.

Because it is so easy to use, you can not only talk about the Customer Experience, but you can also qualify your tasks to improve the Business Experience. What’s the point? Because you will put customers and their needs at the center of your challenges and strategic decisions. Also, you will tell all the teams in your company about this vision. It’s no longer just about marketing, but also about how well your teams work together and keep the customer in mind. Lastly, it will give you suggestions on how to meet the needs of the final customer and get rid of any points of friction.

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The Feedier story

How Feedier came to be

Once upon a time, begins a Feedback lovers’ story

Back in 2013, our team was building all-in-one WordPress intranet themes to help SMEs speed up their digitalization with easy-to-configure intranets. After being in the lead for more than 5 years and selling more than 10,000 licenses, our competitors started raising the bar, and we had to come up with new ideas to stand out from the crowd.

To come up with new ideas, we needed knowledge and customer data to help us make the right decisions. We used every survey tool we could find, but the experience and response rate was terrible. After two years of planning, we sold our first business in March 2018. That was the day Feedier was born. After getting the whole team to work on Feedier, we switched from a gamified survey tool to an easy-to-use experience management platform that focuses on collecting feedback, organizing, and analyzing experiences at scale.

Offices all over the world

Offices all over the world

We are proud of the values that our teams all over the world represent. Our main office is in the city of Lille, which is in the north of France. We also have offices in many different places.
One team works from Montreal, another from Madrid, and the third from Dhaka.
This means that the company is made up of people from more than 5 different countries, which is one of our most important values.

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Feedier Values

Strong values define us

Strong values define us

Since the company’s beginning, we’ve worked with people who naturally share the same values. They are deeply rooted in the organization, and as of 2018, we have finally been able to put words to these shared values.

With respect, diversity, and an open mind, humility helps us all grow and learn from each other.

The collaborative spirit brings us together around each challenge so we can reach our goals as a team and give our clients the best service possible.

Continuous Improvement is something that every team does to always get better and give our customers the best.

Driving positive change is the most important thing to us. We want our customers to use Feedier in ways that make the world a better place.

+13,000 users every month

Offices all over the world

As a Business Experience Management company, we are committed to enhancing and perfecting each of our users’ experiences.
We place a strong emphasis on Client Success to ensure that they have the greatest assets to fully capitalize on Feedier and to excel in their own Customer Experience Management.

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