Who likes to take a survey? No one.

Not your fault, but your responsibility. Try something new and increase your response rate.

Get valuable


Ask actionable


Start a relationship!

Reward & Engage

A simple 3-step process

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  • Built-in reward management
  • Unique, dynamic and interactive
  • Engage and build relationships
  • Produces valuable insights
  • Creation bot (coming soon)
  • Public board option (coming soon)

Other feedback tools

  • Waste your customers' time
  • Boring surveys, no one wants to answer
  • "Thanks for your time" and over
  • Produces generic feedback with little direction
  • Takes hours to set up
  • No community

It's all about understanding your customers

Customer engagement

Push automatically specific engagements to each customer uniquely based on their satisfaction. Whether you need more 5-star reviews, testimonials, or social likes, Feedier is your choice!

Customer satisfaction

Get a global satisfaction score for all the feedback you receive. But also, rely on Net Promoter Score® question. We give you metrics, but also let you know how to boost and showcase them.

Customer relationship

When having a chance to get a reward, 90% of your customers will leave their email and willing to be contacted again. We let you group them with different selectors, export your lists.

Top-notch features including

Dynamic filters

Segment your feedback entries based on multiple selectors, analyse them and finally export them.

Slack integration

Connect Feedier with your Slack channel to receive notifications into your workspace app.

Text messages

Feedier not only lets you reach your users by email, widget, social media... But it also supports SMS.

App capable

Add Feedier to your tablet's homescreen and be ready to collect reliable and real feedback.

Zapier integrations

Endless possibilities, connect to thousands services!