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Use Case - Logistics

Helping logistic companies
transform faster

Transform your logistics operations with Feedier. Our solutions empower you to enhance customer and partner experiences, driving efficiency and growth in your digital transformation journey, at scale and cost-efficiently.

Our solutions

Customer Intelligence helps your team increase its business impact throughout your complex customer journeys.

Strategic B2B Experience​

In the logistics industry, customer churn is uncommon. The focus lies on maintaining high activity volumes and fostering strong relationships with account managers. Feedier seamlessly integrates with your CRM systems to automatically measure customer experience (CX) with strategic accounts NPS. This enables you to identify upsell opportunities and detect potential detractors, helping you proactively manage and enhance customer engagement and activity volume.​

Digital Experience

Investing millions in digital transformation involves implementing new online quote solutions, invoice systems, customer web portals, mobile applications, and more. Feedier helps your team measure and analyze the user experience across your entire digital stack, enabling you to prioritize new investments and projects more efficiently.

Partners Experience

The supply chain is a complex system involving numerous stakeholders, including those within logistics. Feedier enables your team to measure and analyze partner experiences at scale, providing valuable insights for both operational and partner teams. These insights help drive improvements in efficiency, quality, and growth.

Delivery Experience

To increase revenues with direct clients, having comprehensive CX data on end clients is crucial. This ensures you have the right partners, processes, and products in place. Feedier empowers your team to take control of the end-client experience, transforming the B2B2C experience into your new competitive advantage. Giving your sales teams real-time reports of the end-client satisfaction, enriching your CRM system and driving operational excellence across the organization.

Customer Support Experience

Feedier integrates with your CRM or ticketing systems to automatically measure and analyze interaction experiences. This simplifies the analysis of CES and CSAT metrics, allowing your team to quickly identify pain points in the customer journey and enhance overall satisfaction.

Save your team
hundreds of hours per month


Next generation text insights


Time consuming tasks


Action plans creation


Advanced reports in minutes

Why Feedier?

The voice of your customers,
as a driver of sustainable growth

Take your team to the next level with Feedier

Traditional CX/VoC
Manual analysis

Standard CX dashboards

Generic text analysis

Manual action plans

24-month ROI

Expensive integration cycles

24/7/365 insights detection

Consultant level reports

Tailored text insights

AI-driven action plans

6-month ROI

No-code integration builder