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Centralize all your feedback in one platform

Centralize feedback on Feedier’s platform for real-time reporting and actionable insights. Streamline operations, improve customer experience, and make data-driven decisions easily. Transform your business with feedback centralization.

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Trusted by mid to large enterprises and public institutions alike.

more touchpoints reached with one platform
reduction in feedback-to-action time

Simplify feedback collection and centralization

centralize feedback

Simplified Feedback Collection

Streamline your feedback collection process with Feedier’s intuitive survey creation and distribution tools. Easily send surveys to your respondents and gather feedback in one centralized location, making it effortless to collect and organize valuable insights.

Comprehensive Feedback Analysis

Get an in-depth view of your feedback with Feedier’s powerful dashboard. Analyze data through charts and reports, and gain valuable insights to improve your business. This robust analysis capability helps you understand customer sentiments and identify areas for enhancement.

Automated Engagement Campaigns

Increase engagement with your audience by building automated campaigns using your own domain name and follow-up emails. With Feedier’s fully automated data collection process, you can save time and effort while ensuring high-quality feedback, keeping your customers engaged and responsive.

Centralized Feedback Channels

Centralize feedback from multiple sources with Feedier’s flexible feedback channels. Collect feedback through email, SMS, QR codes, and widgets, and get all responses in one place. This comprehensive approach allows you to consolidate feedback from various touchpoints, providing a complete view of customer opinions and experiences.

Import your existing feedback
for a complete CX view

web scraping

Use the Feedier Web-Scraping module to gather feedback from various platforms like Trustpilot and centralize it on the platform. Generate insightful reports to resolve dissatisfactions and improve overall CX.

google reviews

Link your Google Business Account with Feedier to integrate all your Google reviews instantly. The Text Analysis feature uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze feedback and provide an overall sentiment score, giving you valuable insights to improve your business.

file import

Import CSV files and other documents on Feedier to centralize and visualize all your historic feedback, making it easy to track and analyze trends over time.

Centralized Feedback and Visual Reports

Centralize all your feedback and access important KPIs and visual reports from the Feedier dashboard homepage. This central hub provides a quick overview of your key metrics and visual insights, making it easier to track performance at a glance.

Customizable Feedback Filters

Filter feedback based on your criteria to gain a clearer understanding of overall satisfaction and pain points. By tailoring the feedback view, you can focus on the most relevant data and uncover critical insights that drive customer satisfaction.

Real-Time Feedback Analysis

Analyze feedback in real-time through intuitive and automatically created reports for powerful visualization. These dynamic reports offer immediate insights into customer opinions, helping you quickly identify trends and areas for improvement.

Collaborative Feedback Sharing

Easily share feedback with stakeholders for collaboration and informed decision-making. This seamless sharing capability ensures everyone in your team is on the same page, facilitating more effective strategies and actions based on customer feedback.

Enhanced Business Strategies

Gain valuable insights into your customers’ satisfaction levels and improve your business strategies for increased growth and success. Leveraging these insights allows you to make data-driven decisions that enhance customer experience and drive business performance.

Feedback centralization for a global view of satisfaction

feedback insights

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