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 Customer Intelligence Platform

CX faster

Feedier is an end-to-end Platform designed to help your
CX team achieve more, with a cost-effective pricing and unparalleled agility.


Capture all
feedback signals

Import module

Break silos and import feedback signals from review sites, .CSV files from existing surveys, emails forwarding or using the API.

Enterprise Surveys

No customer feedback? No problem, Feedier provides an interactive survey module with 16+ question types, conditions, custom branding, etc.

Digital Touchpoints

Measure user feedback directly in your digital applications or websites using a Tag Manager. Fully customizable, no user tracking and no billing per page view.

Campaigns manager

No digital touchpoints? Capture customer feedback with email or SMS campaigns. Manage the content, follow-ups, delivery rate, etc.

Manage feedback records

Get a real-time feed of all your feedback signals in one place. The feedback feed lets you delete, assign or filter any feedback record in seconds.

CX Dashboards

Measure and track key CX indicators such as NPS, CSAT, CES or any custom KPI in Feedier's intuitive dashboards.

Unlock Next Generation Text Analysis

Tired of manually categorizing text feedback? Feedier provides a complete Text Analysis module that capitalizes on all your feedback signals, your business data and cutting-edge AI to automatically identify insights for you 24/7/365.

Business-specific topics detection

LLM-powered entities dection

Sentiment analysis & trends

list of tasks
task main improvement
list of tasks

Time consuming assignments

Feedier's AI Analyst lets you automate time-consuming assignments to explore text feedback, in relationship with your business data, to identify pain points faster.

4 type of tasks available

Support 20+ filters

Schedule assignments 24/7/365

Consultant-Level Reports in minutes

Feedier automatically generates reports that are ready for your team and board presentations, using a mix of AI analysis, clear visualization and business insights.

Superfast loading

Includes 20+ built-in visual components

Shareable with a secure link

element nav inputs


Customer Intelligence surpasses traditional Voice-of-Customer or CX platforms, which are often limited to surveys, NPS tracking, and basic close-the-loop actions.

Some of the key differentiators include:

  • 360° view of all feedback signals
  • Includes all business context
  • 24/7 insights detection
  • Tailored text insights
  • AI-driven action plans
  • Consultant level reports that are fully automated

Book a demo with your data.

Our pricing is designed for mid-sized to large enterprises and is considered as highly competitive in regard to traditional CX vendors. 

Feedier Yearly cost is based on: 

  • Base package to access the Feedier Platform.
  • Variable cost based on feedback collected, analyzed and stored in Feedier. 

We do not charge on the number of reports or users. 

Talk to Sales.

Feedier provides a Proof of Concept (POC) option, allowing teams to test and assess the solution's effectiveness and suitability for their specific needs without committing to annual contracts.

Talk to Sales.

Two options are available 

  • Our Integrations team does it during the onboarding phase. 
  • Your team does it using Feedier's API. 

In both scenarios, it's a relatively quick process. 

Read more on Feedier's integrations here.

Feedier is ISO 27001:2022 certified and SOC2 compliant, ensuring enterprise-grade security for customer data with features like SSO support, data anonymization, encryption, and 24/7 system monitoring. The platform adheres to GDPR and employs stringent coding practices, isolated environments, and comprehensive data governance to maintain data integrity and security.

Please read more on our Security & Compliance here.

Yes, Feedier provides technical support based on the chosen pricing plan. Customers can also receive assistance from a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) with meetings that can be scheduled monthly or weekly, tailored to the business's needs and plan. This CSM support aims to help users maximize the platform's benefits and ensure it meets their requirements effectively.

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Feedier technologies

The Feedier Platform is powered by scalable and innovative. Enabling our users to derive real value from each of our modules and at scale.

Eureka AI

Built-in Feedier, Eureka AI is your new CX Analyst, working 24/7.

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Data Integrations

Built-in Feedier, Eureka AI is your new CX Analyst, working 24/7.

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Security & Compliance

Built-in Feedier, Eureka AI is your new CX Analyst, working 24/7.

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From zero to use case in days. Move past demos, get hands-on-keyboard, and push to production.

Feedier helps mid-size organizations, public organizations and subsidiaries of large organizations alike.


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