About Feedier

Feedier helps you think beyond the customer experience.
We aim to help you listen better in order to transform your business and make a positive impact on the world.

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Why Feedier

We are strong believers that change is needed in our world — and all organizations are not equal when it comes to impact and speed. We help organizations that have a massive impact on our society but are struggling to accelerate their transformation: missing customer insights, reliance on complex software, and analysis overload.

We don’t work with startups, the industries that we deliver the most impact to are the ones that are the most challenged in today’s uncertain world: the logistics sector—including freight, mobility, and delivery services—as well as financial services organizations, such as insurance companies and traditional banks.

Our mission

We help our clients better understand their clients so they can transform faster.

How do we help?

Feedier’s Customer Intelligence Platform simplifies customer data mastery (from both non-structured feedback data and structured business data) and accelerates decision-making at the operational level, empowering our users to lead with impactful insights. With Feedier, they harness their customer data, take advantage of AI, and automated reports to illuminate the path forward, ensuring they’re not just competitive but ahead with confidence and clarity.

Our clients leverage Feedier to enhance their overall customer experience through improvements in:

  • Their Customer Relationship’s impact

  • Their Digital Applications’ impact

  • Their Training Programs’ impact

Why choose Feedier?

  • Get Intelligent insights that are easy to access, easy to understand, and easy to act on. Our Platform is designed for busy people who are not data analysts and who need to detect low signals that have a significant financial impact on their operations. Everything from the report creation process to the action plans is designed for your team to save time.

  • Capture all unstructured data sources (customer feedback, reviews, tickets) and structured data (CRM, support tool, static files, etc.) in one place without costly integration partners.

  • Advanced security and data governance. Feedier is certified ISO 27001:2022, our Platform architecture is designed to securely identify and handle personal data as well as sensitive data of any type.

Our culture code

We build Feedier for the long term and our culture code is what guides our everyday decisions. This is what to expect from us as a Feedier client, employee, or partner.

  • Reliable3
    We prioritize our customers above all else. Our customers trust us with their most important data and we always rise to the challenge.

  • Excellent Communication
    We at Feedier come from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds and have a hybrid workplace. So, it only works when we learn to listen and be responsive, clear, and involved.

  • Humility Mindset
    Humility at Feedier means being aware that it’s a team sport, you succeed when your team succeeds, and your team succeeds when our clients succeed.

Feedback analyzed every year

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Quarterly audited for full compliance and data security