About Feedier

No one likes to respond to a survey.

They fill up our mailboxes and are often sent far too late, the feedback we give is never followed up on, and the surveys themselves are boring to complete.

Feedback data and understanding client experience however, are fundamental elements of a company’s growth. Surveys are however an effective way to collect feedback when done correctly in the right moment in the customer journey.

So, how do we link surveys to the operational needs of a growing business?

Feedier’s experience management platform links attractive surveys directly to your business KPIs. We break down silos: All departments, divisions, or regions can work together under one platform.

We understand that in order to respond to the problems of tomorrow you need to understand what your users think today and so we provide our clients with a real-time view of the dissatisfaction and needs of all their users.

Feedier's ultimate mission is to help our clients continuously improve and take action on their end-user experience. Whether this means getting feedback from employees, customers, users or partners - we make sure that shedding light on the unseen issues of their end-user journeys is our priority.

Our own clients are B2B, dynamic, forward-thinking companies that are looking to positively harness the data they collect every day.

We provide them with the means to transform their newly captured user knowledge into a competitive advantage in order to:
  • Improve their response rate by 98%.
  • Reduce their dissatisfaction by an average of 63%.
  • Transform their feedback into actionable data.
Our mission
The Feedier story

Once upon a time, begins a Feedback lovers' story

Back in 2013, our team was building all-in-one WordPress intranet themes to accelerate digitalization for SMB businesses with easy-to-configure intranets. After more than 5 years of being in a leading position and with over 10,000 licenses sold, our competitors started raising the bar and innovation was needed to stand out from the crowd.

To innovate, we needed knowledge and customer data to make the right decisions. We tried all survey tools, the experience and response rate were terrible. March 2018 marked the moment Feedier was born and after two years of development, we sold our first business. Bringing the whole the team to be a hundred percent on Feedier, we then pivoted from a gamified survey tool to an intuitive experience management platform that focuses on collecting feedback, organising and analysing experiences at scale.

Our HQ office is located in the innovation center Euratechnologies, Lille in the North of France. We also have offices in North America and Asia.

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