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An all-in-one Feedback management platform that combines interactive forms and collaboration tools to collect better Feedback

It's time to empower your team with daily quality Feedback so you can focus on making the decisions.

Create highly
interactive forms

Deploy creative digital experiences in just a few minutes through a unique funnel. Measure satisfaction, ask with interactive questions, create loyalty with rewards, and finally push an action to close the loop.

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Create highly<br> interactive forms

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Push automated and personalized messages that not only deliver a much better and quicker experience but let you reach your audiences through the best channels: emails, SMS, web, QRcode, widget and print.

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Turn responses
into insights

Empower responses with contextual attributes (gender, name, product, event) and automatic tagging powered by machine-learning to get visual reports ready to be shared in your organization.

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Turn responses<br> into insights


Collaborate on the platform with smart-notifications, data benchmarking, comments and ownership. Group your forms, responses and users in secure organized groups that match your operational structure.

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900+User feedback in 3 months (via embedded form)

"Since using Feedier, we've had way more feedback than we have had with other platforms. Our team is about to hit the 1,000 feedback mark, and the use of context attributes has supercharged our forms to give us quality and effortless feedback."

Tanpong Sukhonpanich
Tanpong SukhonpanichProduct managerFutureSkill

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