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feedier changelog

Version 3.10.0 – Eureka AI is live

What is Eureka AI?

Eureka AI revolutionizes data management by integrating real-time feedback and business records from various sources. It ensures top-notch security through user access control, anonymization of names, and ISO 27001 certification. For swift and precise data searches, Eureka AI leverages Feedier’s query language, equipped with over 20 filters. Powered by advanced LLM technology, Eureka AI provides accurate text insights and information retrieval.

How it works

Eureka AI acts as your own AI analyst within the platform, providing analysis and insights. Initially, it will be seamlessly integrated into two essential modules:

The Assignment Module, formerly known as the Copilot module, utilizes Eureka AI to produce meaningful outcomes for your assignments.

Feedier Reports leverage AI-generated text powered by Eureka AI to enrich your analysis and optimize data interpretation, thereby improving your comprehension and efficiency.

In future releases, Eureka AI will expand its analysis capabilities to include modules such as Text Analysis and Scheduling Module, along with other upcoming features.

Copilot becomes Assignment module

We have rebranded to better align with the module’s primary objective.

Within the Assignment module, the main focus is enabling you to assign tasks to Eureka AI and obtain AI-generated analyses tailored to your needs.

Pre-filled Reports for Assignments

Our latest feature enables you to effortlessly generate a pre-filled report from an Eureka AI assignment with just one click. Simply click on the “Create Report” icon on the Assignment page to initiate this process. The report will feature the assignment result on the initial page, along with a pre-filled section containing all associated feedback.

This guarantees a thorough and pertinent representation of the data. Here’s how to create the report :

Eureka AI Assignment Component

Introducing the Assignment Component in Feedier Report: effortlessly incorporate Eureka AI assignments into Feedier Reports. This functionality enables you to showcase and oversee saved assignments and outcomes within your reports. Initially, it will exhibit saved assignments and results, streamlining and organizing the reporting procedure. Subsequent updates will offer the ability to append new results and produce outcomes from fresh requests while utilizing global filters.

How it works

For more information, please contact us via the dedicated page.

Thanks, Feedier team.

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