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At Feedier, we help our clients better understand and improve their end-user experience continuously with actionable feedback intelligence. Whether it’s improving the experience of our users’ clients, their clients' clients, or their employees.

Being able to adeptly understand user experience data is now a matter of survival. Whilst large enterprises can rely on a whole department of data analysts to churn out statistics, we know that the average business is under-resourced in this area, stifling business development and hampering you from progressing the way you should be.

We all know that Feedback data is relatively easy to gather, the difficulty is being able to break down the complexity of the data, and get the results that matter to you that match your KPIs.

Feedier is an Experience Management platform that leverages integrated feedback data, powerful analytics, and Machine learning technology to turn the voice of your customers, users, and employees into easy-to-understand visual insights that can be produced in seconds.

We believe feedback should be shared between departments, gone are the days of taking a one-off survey and saving the results on an excel sheet in a folder marked ‘2015’. We centralize all feedback so you can see how your Voice of the Customer changes over time, and individual departments can react and take action on feedback in real-time.

Unify feedback data from all sources

Unify feedback data from all sources

Too often feedback is siloed and disconnected across different departments within an organization. Marketing might create a survey on a recent campaign sent to your users, while at the same time Product is scoping ideas for the next project. Having these campaigns run by different tools leads to a big loss of data, wasted time and results in an overall poor end-user experience. In 2021, just 26.4% of organizations have access to cross-channel analytics and data visualization tools that combine information from across the business.

Alongside this loss of data, customer journeys are becoming more and more complex. New touchpoints need to be measured and every stakeholder along the process needs to be kept well-informed.

At Feedier, we provide technology that unifies feedback from all users and leverages existing data across the organization to provide real-time insights in one central place.

Feedier helps you create a central and organized hub of feedback intelligence that gives your business a competitive advantage.
Democratize experience data

Democratize experience data

In most organizations, data analysis and data driven insights are reserved for CEO and top business analysts, using a top-to-bottom approach. They often involve using complex tools and data models that deliver a high barrier of entry for other employees to understand the data.

At Feedier, we believe the future of experience excellence is team-driven. That’s why our Analytics suite is designed to align robustness, ease of use and ease of access. Giving every team dedicated dashboards with insights adapted to their objectives so they can use data-driven insights to improve their end-user experience.

Feedier empowers teams with data that reduces the costs of analysis and saves you money by uncovering problems before they have any significant impact.
Give ownership to drive impact

Give ownership to drive impact

Feedback collection is too often used for one-off pulses and is rarely actionable. A large part of that is down to feedback often lacking context based on the wider information you collect. Those that may benefit from the results aren’t able to see how the feedback connects to their KPIs and so the data is forgotten.

At Feedier, our platform integrates ownership and data governance at all levels. We make it easy for teams to access their own feedback data, integrate it with their day-to-day business processes (project management, CRM, ERP, etc.) and give them the wider context so that they can measure results in the long-run and act in the moment.

Feedier helps your teams improve experiences and reduce churn.
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