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The Feedier platform is a Business Experience Hub articulated through 4 distinct,
interconnected modules that are automatically part of your workflow.

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Feedier guarantees

  • Access to all BX modules
  • Onboarding included
  • Historical feedback import

Feedier offer includes

  • From 20k to 20m feedback
  • From 5 to 100 admins
  • From 5 viewers
  • Unlimited Surveys
  • Unlimited Teams
  • Unlimited Dashboards
  • Unlimited Reports

Extra items to go further

  • Feedier integration to a third-party system
  • White-label option (dashboard and surveys)
  • Private instance
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The Business Experience essentials

Benefit from Feedier’s Business Experience Hub and its four interconnected modules with every license. Complementing one other, these modules allow you to transform siloed data into valuable insights via in-depth analysis and shareable real-time reports, assisting not just a single team in their efforts to enhance experiences but the whole organization in improving its operations.

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  • Centralize all feedback
  • Create interactive surveys
  • Access 6+ distribution channels
  • Map all your business data
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  • Create customized dashboards
  • Text analysis
  • Geographical report
  • Performance Indicators 
  • Feedback Query Language
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  • Individual feedback report
  • API integrations
  • Workflow creation
  • Action Interface
  • Trend alerts
  • Hosting of your choice (SecNumCloud certified)
  • Identification of sensitive data
  • SSO and SMTP support

Client Success

Experts that
lead you to success

Experts to
lead you to success

Scalability, Agility, and Availability are all united in one customer-focused success team with extensive experience in various industries and are always alongside your company, empowering you to make strategic decisions at every stage of your end customer journey.

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A hub for excellence

A team with an eye toward the future achieving excellence

A team with an eye toward the future capable of achieving excellence

Our team is focused on delivering a world-class solution, pays close attention to detail, and is committed to continuously developing and enhancing the Feedier Business Experience Hub.

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GDPR Compliant

Experiment with security

Grip all your data in one secured platform with confidence

Grip all your data in one secured platform with confidence

Our GDPR-compliant, state-of-the-art encrypted platform provides each team with a personalized and secure dashboard. Integrity, Confidentiality, and Security are our top-notch priorities in line with our market position.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Feedier licence cost?2022-08-24T16:59:21+02:00

Our pricing is calculated to meet your unique requirements: volume of feedback, number of users, and integrations. Get started by booking a demo to request a tailored quote here:

Is there a free trial for Feedier?2022-08-24T16:59:47+02:00

Feedier does not provide free trials from this website. However, after booking a demo with our sales team, they may give 7-day access to the platform based on your requirements.

How do I get started on Feedier?2022-08-24T17:00:17+02:00

Start by booking a demo here: Our expert will show you in 30 minutes how the platform works, its differences and give you best practices to get the most out of your feedback program.

Is Feedier only for Customer Experience (CX)?2022-08-24T17:02:38+02:00

Feedier is a Business Experience Management solution. This means that it is suitable for various B2B and B2B2C use cases. That is, in the Customer Experience (CX), Employee Experience (EX), User Experience (UX) or Brand Experience (BX).

Who owns the feedback data?2022-08-24T17:03:41+02:00

Every feedback data collected in Feedier is owned by the organization mentioned in the proposal. We DO NOT resell nor use internal feedback data collected in Feedier for our own purpose. Our job is to collect it, analyze it, and make it actionable. Feedback data is strictly confidential and handled with great care by our team. At the end of your subscription, you might export the feedback data and it will be automatically erased within 60 days.

What if I have more questions?2022-08-24T17:05:54+02:00

If our FAQ did not answer your questions, we invite you to contact us directly through the live chat, or via the address [email protected] or you can go directly to the demo page ( to schedule a call with a member of our team.

Is Feedier GDPR compliant?2022-08-24T17:12:42+02:00

Yes, Feedier is entirely compliant with GDPR regulations

  1. Collected data is owned by your organization. Feedier does not reuse, sell or benchmark any of the data collected. We are committed to data portability, data privacy, and you can download or delete data at any moment.
  2. No data is transferred outside of the EU.
  3. The data is hosted, by default, in Europe.
  4. All the data is erased at the end of the subscription.
  5. The data is backed up and encrypted on a regular basis.
  6. All our employees sign confidentiality agreements before gaining access to our code and data. Everybody at Feedier is trained and made aware of security concerns and best practices for their systems.
  7. Absolutely no client data is stored in Feedier’s employee’s laptops, nor at Feedier office locations.
  8. Feedier provides tools to manage user consent and delete specific user data directly from the platform.
  9. Feedier’s security is audited on a yearly basis and our SIP team will provide all assistance needed to proceed your own security audit.
  10. Feedier does not use or capture data that is not explicitly given by the participants (aka survey answers) or forwarded by your organization (aka attributes).

Our team can send you our Security Overview manifest as well as SLA upon request ([email protected]). These documents outline our processes in greater detail.