Feedier for Customer Experience (CX) teams

Feedier for Customer Experience (CX) teams

Give your team a safe, intuitive VoC dashboard to guarantee client happiness drives corporate strategy. Feedier’s customer experience management solution automates feedback organization and ownership.

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Problems with standard VoC platforms

Problems with standard VoC platforms

For complicated operations with various products, units, teams, etc., the conventional VoC/CX platform pitch that allows you to gather and evaluate customer feedback inevitably falls flat in the long term. Frequently, very little of the gathered feedback data is truly actionable and given to the appropriate team. The CX team is solely responsible for data management, analysis, and distribution to the appropriate team.

Through the integration of your business and communication systems, Feedier helps CX teams decrease operational complexity and automatically give the relevant feedback information to the right team through the right channel (Slack, Zendesk, etc.). We provide CX teams with the capacity to identify customer unhappiness, allowing them to grasp it, minimize it, and ultimately improve. The return on investment (ROI) of using Feedier is twofold: improved customer interactions lead to higher customer retention, which reduces the number of resources required to increase customer lifetime value (CLV).

Feedback collection Feedier

Feedback collection
has never been easier

Feedback collection
has never been easier

Collect data in real-time from both direct and indirect sources, then make decisions based on that information. Whether it was collected through a web widget, email campaign, or QR code, all of that information can be imported and centralized in Feedier. Your customer data may be transformed into useful insights via automated source-based organization and analysis, allowing you to increase client retention and decrease churn.

Centralize Feedback
Throughout the Customer Journey

Centralize Feedback Throughout the Customer Journey

Because of the complexity of your operations, the number of client touchpoints you have increased exponentially. If you’re unclear on how these excursions should play out, Feedier’s included route map can help. You may track your communication with the customer and use that data to determine what aspects of their experience should be prioritized.

Feedback centralization Feedier
Automatic Assign Feedback Feedier

Automatically Assign Feedback

Assign Feedback

Quickly respond to client feedback and ensure the proper teams have access to it by syncing their data with yours. Assign all comments to project managers while still providing a useful summary for upper-level management. Feedier BX intelligence will help you take ownership of your data and make better decisions while improving at every point along the end customer’s journey.

Feedback analyzed every year

feedier gdpr compliant

Quarterly audited for full compliance and data security