Engage your customers

Receive regular quality Feedback that connects you to your customers through gamified forms. Take the voice of your customers to a whole new level with automated Feedback that engages where it matters most.

Why Feedback?

Customer success is a long term investment

Getting quality Feedback is a way for your business to directly engage end-customers. Measuring satisfaction pulse at different moments of the customer's journey and powering up your NPS score with fresh insights that give your teams the data they need to boost customer satisfaction.

Customer success is a long term investment

Feedier Impact

New innovative way to collect quality feedback

Feedier is a Feedback management platform to collect qualitative Feedback with highly engaging and gamified forms that participants enjoy. Be a leader, turn Feedback into growth leverage by making data-driven decisions to improve your customers' daily life.

  • Create highly
    interactive forms

    Reconnect and Engage with customers automatically when it matters most: after-purchase, product refund, ticket closed...

  • Get more

    Get more responses with unique personalized messages and experiences that generate customer loyalty thanks to tailored reward programs.

  • Turn responses
    into insights

    Turn customer Feedback into contextualized stories thanks to event automation, individual reports and connection with your end-customer services.

  • Take

    Access to personalized PDF customer satisfaction reports with key graphics and insights that can be easily shared with your team and management.


Turn the voice of your customers into daily data intelligence
Direct emails/SMS

Send personal emails or SMS with the Feedier campaign manager to your customers. For every email, get access to its status and progress. Whenever Feedback is received, add comments, mark its progress and turn insights into actions.

Vs Surveys

Surveys are outdated and no longer doing the job, engagement is more important than ever.

Survey tools

    • Create boring surveys
    • Low response rate
    • Manual
    • Long text questions
    • Create dead-ends
    • Non collaborative
    • Endless data-analysis


    • Manage creative interactive forms
    • Best response rate with gamification
    • Automated channels
    • Interactive questions
    • Engage people
    • Team oriented (comments, owner...)
    • Key insights and PDF reports with graphics

Trusted by over 1,400 forward-thinking organizations in 20+ industries

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  • Skillshare
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  • BodyMinute
  • Mirillion
  • Projexion
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Feedier is a leader in Enterprise Feedback Management on G2
+36%Engagement rate
91%Overall Satisfaction