Feedier for a Customer Experience Team

Give every team their very own VoC dashboard so that customer satisfaction is at the heart of the company’s strategy. Feedier’s Customer Experience Management Platform integrates your operational needs, automatically distributing feedback and giving ownership to teams through an intuitive & playful dashboard.

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Feedier for a Customer Experience Team

Problems with standard VoC platforms

The typical pitch given by VoC/CX platforms of letting you collect and analyze customer feedback always falls flat in the long run for complex operations that have multiple products, units, teams, etc. Often, very little data from the feedback collected is actually actionable and distributed to the right team. All the work is on the CX team’s shoulders to manage the data, analyze it, and redirect it to the right team.

That’s where Feedier helps CX teams crush operational complexity and deliver the right feedback insights to the right team automatically. We give CX teams the ability to measure customer satisfaction while empowering every team to learn how to improve. The ROI of using Feedier is two fold: Better customer relationships lead to higher customer retention, this in turn saves you resources on trying to improve the lifetime value of customers.

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Collect Feedback From Any Source

Make data-driven decisions at all times by collecting feedback from both direct and indirect sources, in real-time. Feedier lets you import all your feedback data into one place, whether it’s from a web widget, an email campaign, or a QR code. Every feedback is then automatically organized per source and analyzed to turn your customer data into the building blocks that help improve customer retention and reduce churn.

Unify Feedback Throughout the Customer Journey

Your customer journey includes many touchpoints and key moments. Feedier comes with a comprehensive journey map that visualizes these interactions and helps you to prioritize your customer experience strategy.

Customer Journeys in Feedier Screenshot
Feedback Action in Feedier Screenshot

Distribute Feedback Automatically

Act-on customer insights immediately and make it available to product, marketing, and support teams automatically by using Feedier’s unique assigning capabilities. Assign 100% of the feedback recorded at the team level while giving a holistic view of sentiment to managers, directors, and executives.

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