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Turn Feedback into a habit, whatever your team's size. The Feedier platform is designed to roll out from simple forms to complex automated workflows at scale.


Survey alternative with basic export and reports


1 user only

Free forever


All-in-one Feedback management platform


total per month

Payment: EUR or USD


Advanced collaborative Feedback management platform


total per month

Payment: EUR or USD

How many Feedier active users?1

Pay yearly
  • 500 responses
  • 10 questions
  • 1 interactive form
  • 1 active user
  • 1 live segment
  • 1/4 feature pack
  • 3000 monthly responses
  • Unlimited questions
  • 3 interactive forms
  • 1 active user
  • 1 live segment
  • 3/4 features packs
  • 10000 monthly responses
  • Unlimited questions
  • 10 interactive forms
  • 1 active user
  • 5 live segments
  • 4/4 features packs

Extra options

Power up your Feedier account with add-ons. Pricing is available after demo and we support NGO discounts as well as agency plans.

Extra clusters

Clusters let you group forms, users and responses in independent units. Perfect for departments, company units or clients.

Restricted users

Restricted users only have access to responses and reports they have been assigned to. Price is also much cheaper than active users.

Extra emails/sms

Get more emails into your account if you want to reach large audiences with Feedier campaign manager.

900+User feedback in 3 months (via embedded form)

"Since using Feedier, we've had way more feedback than we have had with other platforms. Our team is about to hit the 1,000 feedback mark, and the use of context attributes has supercharged our forms to give us quality and effortless feedback."

Tanpong Sukhonpanich
Tanpong SukhonpanichProduct managerFutureSkill

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Users & Clusters

  • How can I upgrade?
  • What are the different user roles?
  • What are clusters?


  • What are the available languages?
  • What is a segment?
  • Do you support white-label and content editor or offline mode?

Billing & Data

  • What are the payment methods and currencies?
  • What's your data policy?
  • Do you have any money back policy?
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