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With Feedier, you can measure your NPS automatically throughout the customer, employee or end-user journey.

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Receive live feedback alerts from Feedier

Erase non-action

Sure, collecting feedback is great. But if no action is taken, what’s the point? Most companies today rely on quarterly or yearly surveys that give overall satisfaction reports. The problem is that in a world where every customer, employee, and user is looking to get a personalized relationship with a brand, it doesn’t cut it anymore. By collecting feedback in real-time you can make individual actions possible whilst collecting richer, more meaningful data.

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Make user satisfaction a top priority from the frontline to the CEO

The first step towards making the experience a top priority for your organization is to give the right visibility to the right person within your organization. Some team members need to get a macro view of your feedback while others need the data related to their own location and team. Both need to make better decisions. It’s all a question of scale.

What’s surprising is that by giving every team its own KPI, you dramatically increase their ability to improve the end-user experience and take the lead in their domain. On a larger scale, it’s also a great way for your team to perform benchmarking and feed your internal communication. Get more details on our Real-time Satisfaction KPIs solution page.

After the right team members have the right Dashboards, you can then trigger personalized alerts to stakeholders at every level to increase transparency and improve KPI performance.

Take advantage of your digital tools

Your teams are already using cloud solutions on a daily basis to do their job, it’s important to use the same tools and integrate with them as best as possible in order to make it operational on a daily basis.

Leveraging CRM solutions to automatically add reports and create individual tasks is one example. You can also use messaging applications like Slack or Microsoft Teams to send the right alert when a detractor is detected to the right channel. It all happens in real-time with no latency.

After the best channel is chosen, you want to make sure that the right message is sent, containing all the feedback (sentiment, improvements, frustrations) as well as the global context so the best action can be taken.

The last step to close the loop is to validate that an action was taken, so you can measure your progress, ROI, and internal performance. It can be done with a simple resolution workflow of the feedback.

Of course, you want to only take action on certain feedback so it’s a scalable method in your organization. The best way to achieve this is to set up rules that identify the feedback that requires action and automatically route them towards the right team and the right individual on the digital tool they use most. Whether it’s their email inbox, CRM activity feed, or internal messaging platform. Read more about feedback data correlation in this page.


Of the most used business cloud software have opened APIs to facilitate integrations

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Continuous improvements with precise insights

Improving the level of insights your team is getting from their feedback will dramatically improve their ability to improve the end-user experience (whether customer, employee, or the end-user). Making the sum of these local improvements a strategic advantage for the long-term success of your organization.

The Feedier Way

1 Set up team dashboards with custom reports & KPIs

2 Create rules to automatically assign team members

3 Create rules to automatically trigger reports

4 Provide reporting on the number of actions taken

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