How to collect direct and indirect feedback with Feedier?

Listen to both direct and indirect feedback to better understand the overall end-user journey. The opportunity for Feedback is everywhere.

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How to collect direct and indirect feedback with Feedier?

You're missing most feedback

Your customers, colleagues and end-users are talking about your organization. The problem is that most companies rely on one-off surveys to gather feedback, giving you a representation of their experience at a certain moment of time and through only one medium.

But feedback is flowing on a daily basis, you “just” need to capture these streams. Indeed, in our fast-paced world, where intelligence is power, you can't just rely on occasional market research to understand the end-user. You need to listen, analyse and act.

The good news is that new channels are available and people love to talk and share their experiences. So, where do we start?

Get direct feedback

Direct feedback is the easiest one to capture, you can rely on surveys to collect it. In 2021, no one likes boring surveys, with 40 questions and an interface circa 2003. So you need to make it as interactive & gamified as possible while only asking the right questions. This will ensure the best response rate while pleasing your respondents.

Collecting direct feedback is fairly easy, you have to ask for it the right way on the right channel. There are lots of channels available now, you can use digital ones like : web interfaces, mobile applications, emails, SMS and networks to reach out to the respondents. Or you can use non digital ones like QR codes to redirect the user to a digital survey.

In the direct feedback scenario, the quality of the insights will depend on the response rate and questions you ask. Asking the right questions based on what you want to be truly evaluating is key when it comes to making feedback actionable on your side. There are a lot of question types you can use, ranging from text box, select options, switch buttons, image select, order list, ratings score, ratings table… Make sure to make it interactive.

To boost your direct feedback collection, you can leverage your surveys to drive better results using custom branding and gamification. In fact, gamification is a very powerful tool to reach more people and not waste their time. Gamification can involve having points, leaderboards, animations, interactive questions, rewards and personalized content for every respondent.

Now, by getting direct feedback right, you've done the easiest part but you are still missing a lot of information: indirect feedback.


unhappy customers complain the rest say nothing

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Listen to indirect feedback

Indirect feedback is every feedback that you didn't ask for but is still available. An obvious example are online reviews, the feedback is stored on various sites, but going through individual ones manually can be tedious. A second example could be a support ticket that provides ideas to improve your product or service. Indirect feedback can come from third-like review platforms, or from internal tools like support help desks, CRMs or ERPs… Learn more about Correlation with CRM and ERP data here.

If you don't group this feedback data together, it'll be forgotten, never analysed and never actionable. The good news is a large amount of this feedback is text feedback (or voice transcribed into text), something that can be stored and analysed on a single platform.

The best way to get the most out of your indirect feedback is to import it from third-parties and other tools using integrations. After you've grouped all this feedback into your experience management solution, the magic can happen. Automatically analyse feedback data through text analysis software can be delivered to you on a comprehensive dashboard.

Get feedback at the perfect moments

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Multiple channels, one journey

Customers rarely interact with a company using just one channel. For a complete view of your customer experience, it's essential to bring together all your key touchpoints. Read our guide about Customer Journey Improvements solution page here.

In many organizations, the view of the customer experience is highly fragmented and even though they have a lot of surveys, the data never works together. You may have one tool to send an SMS survey that follows up after a phone conversation, one to send email campaigns, and another one to track the customers' reviews.

When they're all stored on different platforms, understanding the customer journey and what impacts the experience can be a time-consuming if not impossible task. This is where an experience management platform is perfect, because by gathering indirect and direct feedback into one place, you can easily map your customer journeys and see how it evolves over time.

The Feedier Way

1 Create highly gamified surveys

2 Get real-time data with integrations

3 Import feedback from indirect sources

4 Manage all feedback in one platform

5 Create personalized team dashboards

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