Platform Features

Feedier is a Feedback management platform to collect qualitative Feedback through highly engaging and gamified forms that participants enjoy. Be a leader, turn Feedback into growth leverage using smart-data.

Collect Better

  • SIRA™ Feedback Forms
    SIRA™ Feedback Forms

    Unique engaging funnels optimized to map Satisfaction, collect Insights, give an optional Reward and push an Action to the participant. Every step is optional

  • Complete branding editor
    Complete branding editor

    Customize the logo, main color, cover image and texts to get a perfect match with your business' identity.

  • Real-time Satisfaction Ratio™
    Real-time Satisfaction Ratio™

    Get a precise score given by measuring participant rating behaviour and question insights. Track that score over time easily and benchmark it.

  • Incentives manager
    Incentives manager

    Build complete reward programs with full control over the probability and limit. Whether it's a coupon, a gift or social engagement to make a donation.

  • SMS/Email campaign manager
    SMS/Email campaign manager

    Create, send and schedule SMS or email campaigns to ask for Feedback. Target intelligently, follow up and measure performances in one place.

  • 12+ question types
    12+ question types

    Get the right insight with the right question type on Feedier, every type is designed to engage. Stop getting answers and start getting insights.

  • Conditional questions
    Conditional questions

    Create complete question flows with branches and sections based on the participant's previous replies to narrow the path down and make it unique.

  • Multi-language support
    Multi-language support

    Feedier forms are available in 20+ languages and support multi-language to create international forms in minutes.

  • Reputation booster
    Reputation booster

    Use Feedier to collect fresh testimonials, emails for your marketing emails and 5-star online reviews at the end of the experience.

  • Widget and embedding
    Widget and embedding

    Insert the form directly in your platform or with a dynamic widget to encourage daily feedback, the widget and iframe are entirely configurable.

  • White label and custom domain
    White label and custom domain

    Remove Feedier branding to insert it in your applications and customize the URL with your own domain like

  • QR code generator
    QR code generator

    Get a unique QR code that points directly to your form and that lets you collect Feedback from any physical spot with a smartphone.

Act Faster

  • Complete data insights
    Complete data insights

    Feedier comes with extended reporting tools including pie charts, bar graphs, advanced filters, tags, keyword managers and Excel exports for your team.

  • Collaborative comments
    Collaborative comments

    Turn Feedback data into creative discussions that get action done thanks to a private comments section for every Feedback on the Feedier platform.

  • Feedback owner and status
    Feedback owner and status

    Every Feedier feedback can be shared and assigned to an owner in your current team. It also supports individual status: in progress, contacted, resolved...

  • PDF summary report
    PDF summary report

    Get a complete summary report of all your collected data in one single PDF that you can generate per department, form, time period, user...

  • Restricted viewer access
    Restricted viewer access

    Give stakeholder access to their own Feedback data while maintaining complete privacy. Whether it is account management or performance review.

  • Cross data
    Cross data

    Empower your Feedback with meta data from your ecosystem: account ID, gender, department... Making insights more valuable with a better segmentation.

  • Benchmark performance
    Benchmark performance

    Use Feedier's powerful benchmark filters to compare datasets in real-time and detect success factors at every level you want to measure.

  • Dynamic segmentation
    Dynamic segmentation

    Define selectors and filters to segment and watch your data in real-time and receive email notifications. Export them to Excel or CSV in just one-click.

  • Users management
    Users management

    Manage your team through different roles (viewer, administrator, user) to get as many collaborators as needed working together on the Feedier platform.

  • Form clusters
    Form clusters

    Group forms and users in specific clusters to monitor the right data at the right level. From operational level to strategic level.

  • Machine learning analysis
    Machine learning analysis

    Feedier uses machine learning analysis on every new Feedback received to give your team enriched data and automatic tagging that gets better over time.

  • API and webhooks
    API and webhooks

    Feedier connects with 2,000 applications through Zapier and comes with a powerful REST API and webhooks to connect with your services and join your ecosystem.

Our customers have already collected more than 150K Feedback entries

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