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Collect Customer Feedback Uniquely

1-to-1 Relationship

Feedier lets you get in touch with your customers directly through their email and your own CRM.

Individual Report

A complete report is built for any feedback so you can understand any customer in one click.

Reward Easily

The rewards page let you access the list of distributed rewards so that you can get in touch directly.

Individual Analytic

Powerful analytic set for every feedback: device used, browser, time graph, answers, satisfaction...

20+ Languages

If we are missing yours, no worry, email us the translation and it will be added within 14 days.

Stop Building Basic Surveys, Try a Feedback Carrier

Template & Bot Creation

Use pre-defined templates or our creation bot to get ready within a couple of minutes, no hassle.

Brand it Your Way

Customize the logo, main color, cover image to get a perfect match for your organization.

Customize it

Make it yours by adding a custom domain, intro content, footer note and even change the language.

Automate Post-Event Form

Feedier lets you activate your carrier for a specific date range if needed, you are in control here.

Group Feedback Carriers

Create private and public Feedback Carriers (forms) groups to manage as many forms as you wish, in a neat and organized space.

Duplicate & Reset

Creating questions and making your form unique takes a lot of time to get the right result. Duplicate your work with ease to save that time.

Custom Fields Support

Identify any Feedback you receive by passing or asking for persona-information (a.k.a custom fields) to use Feedier as a data relay.

Live Preview

Visualize your changes directly from the Dashboard to make sure your form’s design like as awesome as your brand. Full control here.

Customizable Email Templates

Change and test within the Dashboard what email is being sent to your customer for any scenario. Easy.

Use the Right Feedback Channel

Email Campaign

Send out customized emails to your own lists, we are using a 3rd party provider for a better deliverability.

Text Campaign

Customized texts to phone numbers imported in Feedier or inserted manually. Works worldwide.

Embedded Widget

Insert a beautiful and discrete widget yet configurable to your site or web app to encourage feedback.

Print Material

Automatically creates a printable PDF that you can ship along with your products to collect feedback.

Ready-to-use QR Code

Get a unique Feedier QR code that points to your form and let you collect Feedback from any physical spot with a smartphone.

Custom Link & DNS

Customize your form's link and even point your own DNS to make your customers feel home.

Email Widget

Collect Feedback from your emails by using the Feedier Email snippet that will solicit Feedback right into your emails.

Custom SMTP

Send Feedback emails from your own SMTP service to add your own branding and take full control of the content.

Station Mode

Collect Feedback from your own tablet with our Feedback stations program: Feedback loop, location recording, app experience & more.

Push Campaigns

Create SMS/email campaigns to ask (gently) for Feedback, target intelligently and measure performances in on place.

Ask Meaningful and Segmented Questions

5 Flexible Types

Feedier currently supports short text, NPS score®, slider, select and long text flexible question types.

Satisfaction Filter

Display relevant questions to the right users based on how satisfied they are, Feedier does the matching.

Conditions Support

Create extensive question flows based on the user's previous replies and a set of conditions you defined.

Eye Catching

Bye old ugly forms. Beautiful animated design to create the best experience including gamification.

Segment Your Questions

Ask for Feedback from your customers the right way by segmenting your questions and using branching logic

13 Unique Question Types

Ask the right question with the right experience. Whatever data you need, you will find the correct question type to collect it with Feedier.

Reward Your Users for Their Feedback using Survey Incentives

Voucher & Coupon

Give away coupons and vouchers to encourage future purchases while controlling the winning probability.

Downloadable File

Send custom files such as exclusive content to your users along with the reward email they receive.

Custom Message

Whether it is a license key, a special invite or any kind of message, Feedier will send it for you.

Money Transfer

Give away real money sent via Paypal by Feedier with a distribution limit and defined probability.

Amazon eGift

Distribute Amazon eGifts directly from the Feedier Dashboard, we buy them for you and distribute them automatically. Only Amazon.fr for now.

Event Invitation

Reward your users with exclusive invitations that you can manage from Feedier. Whether it’s a party, factory tour or team meetup. Your call.

Engage with Your Customers: Build a Feedback Loop

Get 5-star Reviews

Display a 5-star review button only to satisfied and engaged users to any platform like Amazon, Booking...

Get More Followers

Display follow buttons on your favorite social networks at end of the feedback experience.

Get New Testimonials

Feedier detects happy users and can ask them to leave you a complete testimonial along with their email.

Get New Subscribers

Emails are needed for the reward process, use this opportunity to boost your newsletter list.

Get New Users

With the Referral engagement, you can ask happy customers to refer your product or service to their friends.

Redirect to the Right Place

Use the link engagement to redirect the user at the end of the Feedback to any place according to his global satisfaction.

Feedback Analysis the Right Way

Complete Analytical

Graphics such as: number of feedback entries, visits, best countries, average time, NPS...

Keyword Explorer

Explore all your answers by looking for specific keywords and get all matching answers in a couple of sec.

Automatic Insights

Feedier builds for you a graph with the most relevant typed words per entries and satisfaction ratio.

Questions & Ratings

Exhaustive reports are available for every question or rating with direct access to all answers.

Answer Tags

Tag any answer from any Feedback to group them by topic and share them easily in an all-in-one report.

Subscribe and Get Notified

Get weekly updates of your segments to avoid missing any Feedback that matters to your own criteria.

Excel Reports On the Go

Download Excel report of the filter's matching feedback entries in one click. With different formats and a complete overview of your data.

PDF Compact Report

Get an in-depth analysis of your Feedback's campaign performance and data in one single place. With charts, statistics and real answers.

Use Segments to Segment your Feedback Entries

Multiple Segments

Define as many segments as you wish to get a clear ready-to-use segmentation of your results.

Live Automatic Data

Automatically updated and constantly watching new feedback entries to segment them for you.

Crossed Data

Determine what is working and where improvements can be made in order to improve your strategy.

Export Tool

Export the feedback entries matching your segments to .CSV or .JSON in one click.

Manage Your Team & Organization

Roles Management

Manage your team through different roles to get as many collaborators as needed working together.


Receive notifications about what's going on your Feedier account as well as detailed weekly reports.

Organization Settings

Get clean professional invoices by setting up your Organization's details right in Feedier.

Secure Billing

Feedier uses Stripe to ensure the most secure payment option and we do not save your card on our server.

Client Access

Let third-party people access your Feedier dashboard with a restricted view-only role to see only what matters to them.

Pausable Billing

Get billed only when you use the product. Feedier plans can be stopped at any time with 0 extra cost.

Integrate Feedier with Your Own Environment


Top-notch documented JSON API to let your developer integrate Feedier with your own tools.

Zapier Integration

Build ZAPs with the Feedier triggers to do your own actions whenever you receive a feedback.


Receive a JSON payload to your own webhook URL whenever a feedback is received with all its details.

Custom Integrations

Ready and open to team-up with your team to provide custom reward, question type, access, API...

Push API

Automatically push targeted SMS texts and emails to collect Feedback right from our API. Custom content, at any time.

Testimonials List

Get a list of all testimonials collected for your product and services from the Dashboard and from the API.

Integrate With Your Tools

Create a positive feedback loop and plug the feedback campaigns with your existing tools stack. No manual work, and a very agile process.