Turning Feedback into a habit

Feedier is a all-in-one Feedback management platform that makes collecting valuable and quality Feedback easy through gamified forms that participants enjoy. We help companies engage today, to lead tomorrow.

Why Feedier?

  • 1. It's all about engagement

    We live in a world that requires engagement more than ever. While we are getting more and more connected every day, engaging with customers, employees and partners is more difficult than ever.

    With Feedier, create digital experiences that truly connect, using tools like gamification, automation and personalization.
  • 2. Be empowered, not controlled by data

    Every industry will be disrupted by big data, machine learning and AI technologies. The question is no longer if it will happen or not but rather when. Do you want your operational teams controlled by metrics, algorithms and projections or empowered by them?

    With Feedier, make the best data-driven decisions daily, and have it powered by customer, employee or partner engagement.
  • 3. Surveys are outdated

    How many surveys do you reply to every week? It's likely 0. That's because surveys are boring, long, and a waste of time as there is no exchange of value. Whether for Feedback or market research, surveys in 2020 are as boring as in 1999.

    With Feedier, deploy interactive forms that are dynamic, easy to share, and deliver daily insights. Turn answers into business intelligence.

Our values define how we work


Our first value and the most important one. Trust has three meanings for us: Transparency of our team and the work we do, Trust in our commercial and operational partners, and Trust in our product to deliver results.

Daily Impact

It's not about forms, it's about listening to make better decisions. We aim to transform the world to make decisions that will make the world a better place. Distributing rewards that support projects which plant trees and coral sustainably is part of our global impact and we continue to be environmentally conscious on a daily basis.

Customer Success

We want to unlock the proverbial doors that allow our customers to gain meaningful and actionable Feedback. By equipping our customers with the ability to understand the needs of theirs, we enable innovation and aim to be the platform that leads to successful growth.

Started international, growing international

Since day one we have been in two locations, and we intend to keep growing both offices at the same pace. Our culture is international. We make no difference about religion, gender or ethics and focus on talent first.

🇫🇷 Lille

165 Avenue de Bretagne
Lille - 59000

🇧🇩 Dhaka

Islam tower
464/H, West Rampura, DIT Rd
Dhaka 1219

Startup, with a story

  • May 2013

    We started selling WordPress designs on a marketplace

    Our story begins in Lille, France - 2013 - at the time, our small team of passionate web developers were developing and selling WordPress templates on the Themeforest.net marketplace. On the 15th of June 2015, we released Woffice - the first All-in-one intranet WordPress theme - ever, it was an instant success. Three years and 10,000 licenses later came the real question: How do we keep our #1 spot? The answer was Simple: Innovation and good ratings. We carried out market research but never reached our audience. We tried surveys, no one answered.

  • It's about people and engagement

    Surveys give some valuable insights to businesses, they engage end-customers, create relationships, and push actions like ratings or testimonials at the end. Yet, they are so boring and no one ever says “Yeah, a survey, let's reply!”. To top it off, there has been no innovation over the last decade in that sector. Machine learning is here, gamification is taking over and it's no longer only about profit, it's also about people and engagement. From this desire to engage people and give business the insights they need, Feedier was born.

  • Feedier's mission

    Feedier's aim is to turn Feedback into a habit, helping organizations to collect valuable day-to-day insights. By doing so, businesses can act better with key insights, innovate faster, stand out from competitors, and engage their clients and employees.

  • March 2018

    The first version of Feedier: a tool to build forms

    In March 2018, we released the first version of the Feedier tool. A form builder to create fun and gamified forms that gave a reward back and asked participants to leave a 5-star review if they were happy. Over the next twelve months, we collected over 4,000 feedbacks for our WordPress themes with valuable insights to stay at the top. In July 2019, the 100,000th Feedback was collected on Feedier and more than 3,000 users have created an account on Feedier since day one. Yet, we still could not define why Feedier was unique and how it would have a larger impact. After dozens of Feedback sessions (yes, we are the Feedback company) we always kept in mind that “Feedback should not be a monologue, it should be a dialogue”, a change was needed; we sold our WordPress business and went all-in for Feedier.

  • January 2020

    The second version of Feedier: an engagement Platform

    This lead to the release of a new version of Feedier in early 2020, where it would no longer be a tool to build forms like so many already exist, Feedier would be the first gamified Feedback management platform to collect valuable insights through engaging forms, empower the data, letting teams collaborate and instantly act thanks to smart-data. We give Feedier customers competitive advantages with the right data to the right team at the right time. We never forget the end-participant, whether a customer, a staff member or a partner, we provide the best and most unique experience possible.

  • Our story is just starting!

    Our ambition is to turn Feedback into a habit globally, becoming the leading cornerstone of innovation and customer success teams for organizations of all sizes. A hub where teams get clear insights, at every level of the company, easily. A hub that lets teams collect data the right way while respecting the participant's interest and time.

Feedier is a leader in Enterprise Feedback Management on G2
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