Our mission is to help organizations understand their customers
and strenghen their relationships by collecting feedback while valuing the customers.

We strongly believe that by making your clients happier, it will directly affect your business' success. We do that by:

  • Letting you reward your clients for their time spent helping you.
  • Being clear and honest on the time required to fill in the survey.
  • Providing a unique and fluid experience for every user.
  • Engaging with them and creating a relationships. We don't stop after the survey is over and we spur the loyalty.
  • Providing all the tools you need to target your customers at every single touch-point.

Client satisfaction is more important than ever. Brand awareness and happy customers can help your sales by convincing others and making your products viral. Feedier will make it easier for you to find those customers but also share how happy they are. You will receive actionable feedback that will help you increase your retention, but you will also be able to kindly ask your happy customers to improve your social proof with an online review (Facebook, Google). Collecting more reviews as never been easy. We provide an extensive widget that features your organization's average satisfaction ratio and can be showcased on any website.

Creativity at its finest, we help you do more than super-cool surveys. Not only you can create completely branded forms but you can also define creative reward programs to attract your customers and let them help you through a long-term collaboration.

More than a marketing tool. As developers, we believe that APIs help organisations make smarter moves, freeing you up some time on the long run, and allowing you to tailor the product to your needs.
Therefore we have designed a simply, yet powerful, fully documented API that lets you access your data from any third-party safely. Moreover, we also provide webhooks so that you trigger specific actions on any new feedback received. Flexibility is our motto, let us give you what you need.

Feedier is an Alkalab product and therefore maintained by the Alkalab team. We guarantee quality and security in our software development process. But also flexibility regarding the features and opportunities brought by our partners. Our team is divided in several countries and working in an Agile environment to provide fast delivery and constant improvement.

Looking to join the journey? Contact us and let's work together!