Turning Feedback into a habit

Feedier is a Feedback platform that makes collecting valuable and qualitative Feedback easy through gamified forms that participants enjoy. We help companies listen on a daily basis today to innovate tomorrow.

  • 7k Organizations

  • 20k Rewards Distributed

Feedier’s Mission

Helping organizations to collect valuable day-to-day Feedback and giving clients their time back.
We believe that by doing so, businesses can: make better decisions, innovate faster, stand out from competitors and most importantly serve their clients better.

Our values define how we work


Our first value and the most important one. Trust has three meanings for us: Transparency of our team and the work we do, Trust in our commercial and operational partners, and Trust in our product to deliver results.

Customer Success

We want to unlock the proverbial doors that allow our customers to gain meaningful and actionable Feedback. By equipping our customers with the ability to understand the needs of theirs, we enable innovation and aim to be the platform that leads to successful growth.

Daily Impact

It’s not about forms, it’s about listening to make better decisions. We aim to transform the world to make decisions that will make the world a better place. Distributing rewards that support projects which plant trees and coral sustainably is part of our global impact and we continue to be environmentally conscious on a daily basis.

Started international, growing international

Since day one we have been in two locations, and we intend to keep growing both offices at the same pace. Our culture is international. We make no difference about religion, gender or ethics and focus on talent first.

🇫🇷 Lille

165 Avenue de Bretagne
Lille - 59000

🇧🇩 Dhaka

Islam tower
464/H, West Rampura, DIT Rd
Dhaka 1219

Startup, with a story

  • We started selling WordPress designs on a marketplace

    Our story starts in 2015 when we released Woffice. The first all-in-one intranet WordPress theme in the world. Quickly successful, we sold over 10,000 licenses. However, marketplaces are highly competitive environments: to succeed and stand out you need daily innovation and top ratings. Surveys didn’t work, we needed a Feedback solution that delivered.

    June 2015

  • First ever Feedback collected on the Feedier platform

    After months of development, Feedier version 1.0 is released!

    April 2018

  • Feedier is promoted on AppSumo: first 2,000 users

    Important moment in our history, ends the “beta” period.

    July 2018

  • 100,000th Feedback collected on the Feedier platform

    Months after months, updates after updates: Feedier gets better!

    July 2019

Our customers have already collected more than 150K Feedback entries