Our Mission

To help organizations understand their customers and strengthen their relationships by collecting feedback while valuing the customers. By putting the customer first, we pride ourselves for leveling the playing field and giving the customer what it deserves for its feedback. With Feedier, we want to bring the customer experience to a new level and help customer success team where they have to be. You can read more about our way of doing it on our blog.

How Feedier Was Born

Our brains are wired to love games. And we love being rewarded through incentives. Yet, when our founders began looking for a customer feedback tool to gain insights about their business, they couldn’t find a tool that recognized this and was easy to use. Feedier was born out of this need.

We are a distributed team, spanning 3 continents, that logs in every day with a goal of helping elevate customer experience across the board. What that means for us is providing you with the tools to collect meaningful feedback and using the insights we’ve gained to bend the learning curve in your favor - helping you improve your business.

Join The Crew

Feedier is an Alkalab product and therefore maintained by the Alkalab team. We guarantee quality and security in our software development process. But also flexibility regarding the features and opportunities brought by our partners.

We have no specific openings at this moment but are always on the lookout for talented folks. If you can make a difference at Feedier, email us a brief intro and your resume to [email protected].