About Us

Our mission is to help our customers continuously improve their end-user experiences

Whether it's from an Employee, Customer, User, or Partner.

We believe Feedback is the new gold. Yet, for many non-tech companies, with the emergence of new digital touch-points, numerous new interactions are created, and Feedback is often never actionable or missing entirely.

Traditional Experience Management Platforms are too expensive, clunky, and not adapted for operational teams that want to improve on a daily basis. Our clients need actionable insights that bridge the gap between their business needs and their end-users needs.

That's why we've created the first Experience Management solution for complex organizations that can process any feedback, organize it, and make it actionable across the organization in a matter of seconds.

Our technology paired with our team's expertise facilitates a smooth implementation based on the unique set of needs & goals of our customers.

We believe Experiences shape the world we live in. To face the many challenges ahead, our clients need to continuously improve their products and services. They come to us not needing even more data, but better feedback.

Our mission
The Feedier story

Once upon a time, begins a Feedback lovers' story

Back in 2013, our team was building all-in-one WordPress intranet themes to accelerate digitalization for SMB businesses with easy-to-configure intranets. After more than 5 years of being in a leading position and with over 10,000 licenses sold, our competitors started raising the bar and innovation was needed to stand out from the crowd.

To innovate, we needed knowledge and customer data to make the right decisions. We tried all survey tools, the experience and response rate were terrible. March 2018 marked the moment Feedier was born and after two years of development, we sold our first business. Bringing the whole the team to be a hundred percent on Feedier, we then pivoted from a gamified survey tool to an intuitive experience management platform that focuses on collecting feedback, organising and analysing experiences at scale.

Our HQ office is located in the innovation center Euratechnologies, Lille in the North of France. We also have offices in North America and Asia.

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