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Copilot 2.0: Your virtual consultant

Copilot upgrades

Just think of the dozens, if not hundreds, of repetitive jobs you perform on a daily basis – now imagine if a Copilot could take on these responsibilities for you. This Copilot would act as a virtual consultant, automating these assignments and saving them to ensure that no detail is lost. This is exactly what we offer with Feedier Copilot version 2.0.

The save function lets you re-trigger the same mission whenever you like, and view the results history of the mission you’ve saved.

What is an “assignment”? An “assignment” consists of selecting a task, entering search criteria and applying filters. For example, by choosing “Main improvements” from the task drop-down menu, typing “Madrid” in the search entry and selecting “Period = 30 days” in the filter, you’ll get a result corresponding to your mission: the main improvements made in Madrid over the last 30 days.

How does the Copilot work?


Save and manage your assignments

Once you’ve completed your search, you can click on the icon to save your assignment (as shown in the screenshot below).

save assignments copilot

Your assignment will be saved on the left-hand side of your screen. You can click on the save icon at any time to delete the assignment from your saved assignments.

refresh results

What’s more, once you’ve saved your assignment, you can click on an icon to refresh it. This will update the trigger date just above it. You can also view and access the different triggers by clicking on the corresponding date.

Table of topics

We’re delighted to announce a major enhancement to our Feedier report with the addition of a new feature – the Topic Table.

From now on, you’ll be able to perform a more in-depth analysis of topics and compare the most important parameters with each other. What’s more, we’ve integrated pagination into this component, so you can view up to 50 values with this new update.


More info

If you have a question about the Feedier platform, you can contact us directly from your dashboard. If you’d like to try out the platform, we invite you to schedule a Feedier demo right here.

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