Small, medium and large businesses need feedback. We all need feedback. You, I, we have all been, at least once, been looking for a feedback tool.

Yet, we all seem daunted by the plethora of solutions available.

Where should we start?

There is no doubting that feedback is extremely valuable.

If customers don’t find value, employees are not happy, the business is not in good shape. The right feedback helps you go against that.

But you must find the right solution.

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Research by Deloitte and Touche found that customer-centric companies were 60% more profitable compared to companies that were not focused on the customer.

With an average of only 2.5% of our customer base willing to take a survey, we know we have a tough assignment.

The good news is that with a pragmatic framework, and a few simple approaches to follow, you’re able to gather insightful feedback.

You’re on the path to building a customer-centric company.

However, like anything worth doing it takes some time and effort, and we want to optimize this time.

Which is why finding a good, if not the best feedback tool, is crucial.

A good feedback management software should 10x the results you could get with traditional methods using pen & paper.

You should be able to find THE perfect, top-notch customer feedback app that will help delight your customers with a survey experience like never before, while also help gain as many insights as possible.

Knowing the preferences of participants and coming up with a solution should not take long.

The Must-Haves Feedback Features For a Customer Feedback App

Let’s define a few of the things to look for before committing to anything else.

Ease of Use

This is probably a no-brainer. One of the main reasons technology and software exist in the first place is to make your life easier.

So, before making the jump and actually using a product: make sure it’s easy to use, easy to understand, and also easy to work with as a team.

You will likely not be the only person working on the feedback surveys, so you want your teammates to easily get started as well.

You are looking here for a few different things:

  • Are there any reviews from users mentioning the ease-of-use?
  • Does the software offer any kind of training videos?
  • Is there any recurring webinars hosted?
  • Is the support team responsive and helpful?
  • Does the feedback app come with online support?

That’s being said, you’re only halfway through the checking process.

You’re also looking for the attractiveness, good-looking UI, responsiveness and ease-of-use of the feedback side.

Feedback Tool Features

You’re not just searching for a good-looking feedback tool.

It’s imperative to list out the features you require beforehand to improve your search and meet your expectations.

A few common features that you will likely want are:

  • Automation, API and connection with existing tools (example: email software)
  • Survey templates and quick form creation
  • Branching logic and condition flows inside the survey
  • Flexible and numerous question types
  • Numerous channels and touchpoints to collect feedback: email, link sharing, social media, QR codes, website widget, etc.
Top 20 Feedback tools (how to find the right one) - screencapture fdier co hySrh2 1597235025718
Customer Feedback Surveys built with Feedier

Such features will allow you to tweak your survey to ensure that you can actually get to the expected results.

On the other hand, a tool that only allows you to create surveys with generic question types would make it more difficult.

But you could also be on the hunt for more market-specific or innovative solutions that will help you get the job done and overcome some difficulties.

For instance, you might want to look for a way to automate the survey incentive part and incorporate that into your survey.

Feedback Analysis & Reporting

Last, but not least, the reporting and feedback analysis. In other words, data reporting, data extraction and exporting.

You want your feedback tool to provide you with an amazing automated analysis at scale.

Analyzing the results of your campaign must be a no-brainer. In 2-clicks, any users with access to your dashboard should be able to get a good handle on what is going on and understand the feedback.

Your platform must be accessible at every level in your organization and should offer each type of user an interface that is tailored to suit the role.

feedier dashboard with insights

For example, a store manager should be able to log in and see how many customer feedback has arrived and how many require immediate action because the customer has reported a specific problem or submitted negative feedback.

But also the most important keywords and sentences, what are your customers saying from you in this survey.

As far as Feedier is concerned, we have two focus: satisfaction and detailed analytics. The product feedback tool lets you categorize respondents by satisfaction, group them, export them and contact them through handy lists.

It also provides a complete analytic for every response (feedback). Time spent, country, the device used, browser, IP address, responses, satisfaction, reward redeemed, keyword analysis.

Simple and Effective Tool To Keep the Momentum up

A customer feedback strategy is only useful if it’s implemented over the long term.

Your customer feedback management platform must reflect your Key Performances Indicators – aka. KPIs. You must be able to easily track them and correlate customer satisfaction with the evolution of your revenues and other areas of focus.

Every employee should be able to analyze, export and share the reports.

For example, at Feedier, we not only provide you with a reporting dashboard but also with exportable Excel file and PDF reports. Easy to use, they are meant at giving you the data you need, in real-time, when you need it.

Feedback Channels: The Tool Must be Flexible

Your customers are not all on the same channel. You don’t have the same requirements as your counterpart.

This is why it is very important to pick a flexible tool that provides you with all the touch-points you need in order to reach the customer.

For the feedback campaigns to be effective and meaningful, it has to be able to pull content from email, text messages, other platforms, your website, and much more.

Are you planning on collecting feedback during events? Make sure the feedback tool is supporting offline mode.

Customizable and Tailored Feedback Alerts

For a smoother user experience, select a feedback management platform that lets you customize alerts based on the criteria of your choosing.

Some ideas could be to create filters that match specific criteria — for example only the most satisfied customers, based on their answers.

Then, you can subscribe to this filter and get notified whenever there is a new entry. Or else, get a weekly report.

You could also create filters based on the content of the feedback, the time of the answer, or even the reward which was given to the respondent.

20 Examples of Customer Feedback Tool

We have now covered the must-haves of our ideal feedback software, let’s give a few examples of serious solutions on the market.

Whether you want to create a customer satisfaction survey, simple customer feedback survey, guest feedback survey, or collect any other type of feedback, we got you covered.

All-in-one Feedback Tools

  • Feedier: Feedier allows you to listen to all your customers through different channels and unify all your feedback from any source, in one place. This allows you to perform intuitive and comprehensive analysis with measurement tools such as NPS, CSAT, CES, Machine Learning based text analytics etc.
    Then, you have all the keys in hand to take action with qualitative insights and a feedback aggregation module.
  • Wootric: In-App Web & Mobile, Email, SMS Net Promoter Score, CSAT, CES Survey Software, Text & Sentiment Analytics

Online Survey Tools

  • Informizely: Quickly gather customer insights with in-site surveys and polls
  • Usabilitytools: User Session Replay & Visual In-page Web Analytics
  • Survicate: The Fastest Way to Collect Feedback
  • Nicereply: Nicereply | Customer Satisfaction Survey, NPS & CES
  • SurveyMonkey: flexibility first, probably the most well-known
  • Typeform: build attractive forms, online quizzes, and surveys.

Offline Survey Tools

Simple Client Feedback Software

  • Usabilla: user and customer feedabck tool
  • Emojics: Emoji-based, simple feedback tool
  • Appzi: Website Customer Feedback Tool

Employee Feedback Tools

  • BambooHR: besides offering all the HR features, BambooHR is an eNPS survey software
  • Honestly: fully-fledged feedback tool offering employee engagement features
  • Culture Amp: Culture Amp makes it easy to collect, understand and act on employee feedback

Feedback Analysis Tools

On the feedback tool market, there is also feedback analysis software. These tools aim at gathering feedback from different sources and provide you with insights.

  • Thematic: Powerful Customer Feedback Analaysis tool
  • NomNom: Get all your customer feedback and research data in one place (for product teams)

Free Feedback Tool

Some of the feedback survey softwares mentioned above are freemium, meaning you can start using them for free, and upgrade once you love them. But there are also softwares that are free across the board.

Google Form is the best example.

Wrap Up

Now you know what features and characteristics make up a good feedback management platform.

All that’s left to do is compare the different solutions on a point-by-point basis and make the choice that’s right for you.

Talking about the right feedback app…

Let me give you more details about Feedier?

Why? Because I took some time to provide you with actionable tips in this article.

Feedier is a feedback app, which do much more than surveys!

Feedier is a feedback tool built from scratch to engage your customers. Our technology knows whether the customer is happy or not and therefore we can provide the right engagement to the right user.

You can use different ways to engage your customers, like a voucher when they filled out your form, a testimonial, or anything else.

Top 20 Feedback tools (how to find the right one) - screencapture fdier co TjF8RU 1593787009561
Feedier Review Request Screenshoot

Feedier adapts the questions to the customer. Thanks to the first step we know whether the customer is happy or not and why. We can, therefore, fit the question to any customer based on that.

Aside from that, we are also on a mission to introduce win-win relationships with your customers, so we reward them. And guess what? You increase your loyalty!

The experience is unique!

Feedier aims to create a relation between your team, your customers and your products. The relation we build is based on:

  • Trust: Providing interesting questions to your customers and them providing useful answers to your questions.
  • Respect: Everyone’s time is precious, every information is important.
  • Interest: every party wins. You will have insights, analytics, ratings and emails in exchange for rewards for your customers.
Check out the interview from our friends at

Feedier guarantees an all-in-one platform that is 100% responsive to your customers, users, employees, etc.

You’ll be able to understand your customers’ needs and preferences, and you’ll have all the tools you need to improve their experience and increase your retention rate.

You can now schedule a short call to discuss your issues.

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