3 tips to increase your survey response rate

Did you put a lot of time and effort into a survey that you sent to hundreds of people and only a few of them replied? Trust me you’re not alone.

Let’s be honest, nobody likes surveys. They are boring, long, outdated, unattractive…and the list goes on and on. However, every company needs feedback to progress, and the data that surveys provide is priceless.

In order to take advantage of this collected information, the response rate is crucial. It’s very important to have a high number of responses to be able to efficiently analyze this data.

The solution? Follow these 3 tips given by our experts

#1. Dont use Google Forms!

Nothing is more boring and outdated than Google Forms. While the number of innovative feedback platforms is increasing every day, using Google Forms is unacceptable. The respondents won’t be happy to fill out the same form for the 100th time. If you want to increase your survey response rate, you need to be innovative and creative.

Choosing the platform that you are going to use can be tricky, especially that they all have different features. You can read our article “Top Feedback tools: A Features Comparison” to get a clearer idea.

#2. Pay attention to the Design

Making the Feedback Form look good is crucial to increase the response rate. Thankfully, with the feedback platforms, you don’t need to be a graphic designer to be able to do that. Most of them come with templates that are attractive and ready-to-use.

It’s also important to customize the survey so it matches your branding. Adding your company’s logo and colors can be a game-changer. The respondent will feel that you actually put effort into the form and that it’s important for you to collect this data for your company.

#3. Use different question types

You can’t expect people to go through all the questions if you’re always using the same type. Choices, ratings, and text questions can be mandatory sometimes, but you can always add a fun touch to make the form more interactive. Use image, smiley and order question to make your form look creative and exceptional.

Feedier comes with 12+ question types that you can choose from to create a fun Feedback From. It’s now the time for you to create your first feedback form!

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