Customer experience in a post-covid world

COVID-19 has highly changed lifestyles and decisions, including customer behaviour and experience. This change was immediate across different industries, countries and demographics.

With the spread of the pandemic worldwide, the customers’ needs and expectations are not the same anymore, especially that health and safety have become the priority of everyone.

Subsequently, the norms of the customer experience have also changed. What we used to consider as an amazing customer experience before, is no longer satisfying now.

Today, companies are obliged to look at things differently in order to be able to deliver a customer experience that fits the new COVID-19 standards.

Value for money is becoming the number one driver of loyalty

Value is the differentiator on product or service choice for 63% of consumers as a result of COVID-19.

According to KPMG

COVID-19 has caused customers to rethink their priorities and to make different choices. As the health and human toll grows, the economic damage is already evident and represents the largest economic shock the world has experienced in decades.

People started to give a bigger place to family, friendships and health, which means that the way they spend their money has also changed. It is more important than ever that every purchase they make brings the value that they were expecting.

The financial pressure makes the value for money a customer priority when it comes to trusting a brand.

Digitalization is a must

The Covid-19 crisis and the lockdown policies have led to an essential digitalization of the customer journey, of the customer relationship and, more generally, of the customer experience.

Consumers had to familiarize themselves with digital channels and/or increase their use, which made them more digital-savvy. This is mostly essential in sectors like Retail for example, where online channels have replaced offline channels for a while.

Social and environmental issues are more important than ever

Covid-19 has developed the awarness of consumers when it come to social and environmental consequences of their consumption. More and more consumers express the will of a more equitable, responsible, ethical consumption.

Like the CX leaders in our research, firms who have demonstrated resilient, moral principles and a commitment to humanity, the environment and social aims are those that consumers are gravitating towards.


Key Takeaway

These three trends are shaping a new consumer profile and at the same time new expectations in terms of customer experience. But in reality, the Covid-19 crisis is only accelerating trends that were already important before the pandemic.

The financial pressure on consumers linked to the drop in purchasing power for some households, the increasing importance of digitalization in the purchasing process and customer relations, the ecological and social awareness: all these trends have been around for several years but are becoming essential in building a successful customer experience.

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