How can B2B2C companies improve their Customer Experience (CX)?

B2B2C companies are often confronted with many challenges when it comes to delivering a great experience to their end-customers. In fact, the B2B2C environment is complex, which can result in a lack of alignment with partners or a limited understanding of customers.

Consequently, it can be harder for B2B2C companies than B2B or B2C, to create the experience that their end-customers expect.

B2B2C companies and the importance of Channel Partners

Many companies that don’t sell directly to their end-customers still strive to build loyalty through excellent customer experience. However, because these companies do not control all of the customer interactions, they must work with and through channel partners.

“B2B2C customer experience is defined as enhancing the end customer experience in a way that satisfies the needs of channel partners”

XM Institute Research

3 pillars to improve the B2B2C companies experience:

Voice of the partner

B2B2C companies should gather insights across their partners’ entire journey. Unfortunately, most of the B2B2C companies focus only on the partner’s feelings about one specific part of the experience; like the customer support or the marketing strategies.

However, gathering feedback across the entire partner experience can help B2B2C companies to dig deeper into the partners’ journey which generates significant opportunities for improvements.

Furthermore, the yearly long and boring surveys will make it even more difficult to understand the overall end-customer experience.

These surveys may be bogged down by questions aimed at collecting operational data or by questions that are onerous to complete, ultimately resulting in low response rates. That’s why developing actionable feedback programs is a must.

Customer and partner insights cooperation

It’s important for companies to address the challenges related to both partners and customers. So instead of capturing customer insights separately, B2B2C companies can take advantage of more significant data by sharing their information and analyses with their channel partners.

One way that this can be done is by linking partners’ and customers’ issues. In fact, partner and customer experiences are very much related to each other.

Collaborating around shared struggles allows B2B2C companies to ensure that any changes made at the partner level will also improve the experience at the customer level.

Partner engagement

Communication is always the key. Making sure that your partners understand your CX vision can help you more than you think. B2B2C Companies need to communicate
their brand promises, and show how these brand promises relate to their partners’

Adding CX metrics into your partner agreements is an effective way of communicating these KPIs to them. It’s important to use metrics that are understood by partners and that clearly link to CX aspects they can directly influence.

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