5 SurveyMonkey Alternatives – Here’s What We Have Tried

SurveyMonkey has revolutionized the old paper survey industry. But now, you are looking for a SurveyMonkey alternative.

You’re in the right place.

For one reason or another, you are looking for an alternative, SurveyMonkey is not the best fit for you. Privacy concerns, feature-related, support matter, design or user-friendliness issue, pricing, only you know. 

You can use SurveyMonkey for all types of use-cases. Everything and nothing. From quizzes, feedback, market research survey, long and boring surveys, to short and sweet NPS surveys, and polls.

I will assume that you want to focus on traditional employee or customer feedback surveys. No quiz or calculation on our plate today. 

Four Strategies to Improve Customer Service

There’s nothing worse for a customer than being excited about a purchase, only to have spent their hard-earned money on a product or service that wasn’t what they were expecting. 

The icing on this disappointing cake? A customer service experience that makes them feel like the business never cared about them at all, and feelings of regret for having trusted the business in the first place. 

Good customer service is undoubtedly one of the most important business traits for a successful company to have. 

Those working in customer service are on the front lines of the contact and assistance your customers receive from your business, which can often be the only personal contact they ever have with a person. 

The Nuts and Bolts of Website Feedback with Tips and Examples

You have decided to collect website feedback? 


How do you do it? 

That’s a good question! Not sure where to start? 

I have something for you. I have collected the best tips, tricks, and templates just for you to get started. 

Read on, and let me know your feedback. 😉

First off, let’s kick things off with the basics. 

The How and Why of In-App Feedback [With 5 Examples]

In the summer of 2018, the mobile app ecosystem turned ten years old. In that decade, the industry has grown to become one of the largest on the planet. Were managers collecting in-app feedback at the dawn?

Of course they did!

There are millions of app developers around the world, according to Evans Data. And there are literally billions of smartphones around the globe.

That means there are a lot of very intelligent people vying for some very valuable real estate.

And we are only talking about mobile application so far.

9 Strategies to Improve Customer Experience

Customer experiences (CX) can make or mar your business. Bad CX can cost your brand billions and a reputation that is completely tarnished. Improved customer experience can make your business thrive.

This emphasizes the growing relevance of positive and delightful customer experience for your business.

Last time, when I used an organized cab service and was mistakenly double-charged through both credit card and cash, it was surely a negative experience for me. My journey went back.

But to my delight, the service provider resolved the technical issue within a few minutes and I got the money back into my wallet for future use. Had the service provider not resolved my issue and that too in a timely fashion, I might have stopped hiring their cab services.

Be it customer service, product quality or just the way customers feel about the brands they have been using over time, customer experience stands above all.

Based on their experience, customers decide whether to continue doing business with a brand.

How To Increase Customer Loyalty? 8 Strategies To Pick From.

Mastering and increasing customer loyalty is a crucial component of business success.

It is that X-factor that holds the power to convert one-time buyers into repeat customers.

The only problem is that there are no shortcuts and easy ways to inspire loyalty. Constant sales pitches and blatant self-promotion can take you only so far.

This is not to say you are powerless. Far from it— you can rely on a variety of tried and tested tactics.

But first, why would you care about customer loyalty?

How to Setup Your Post-Event Survey [Example with Livestorm]

So you are running your own webinar? Good call. But how do you measure the satisfaction and success of the event? Here comes our post-event survey.

Lucky you. We have done the homework for you.

Use this survey template. Take it. Steal it.

There is a multitude of use cases for webinars. For marketing, sales, onboarding customers, internal communications, or even a fully-remote conference that spans on several days.

If you’re serious about hosting great events, then you must get serious about measuring attendee satisfaction.

There are several ways to do it, and old-schoolers would probably opt-in for a manual “what did you think about our event?” email, attempting to gather qualitative data about a past event, moments after the event is over.

But you are not such a person.

7 Effective Ways to Get User Feedback

In this customer-centric world, collecting user feedback is no longer a mere task in customer support team’s backlog.

It is the fundamental criteria to grow your company by understanding what the user wants and acting upon it.

Hence, the importance of user feedback cannot be undermined.

Imagine, you put a plethora of resources and man-hours in building your product. But your users are not using the product which makes you wonder where did you go wrong.

The answer is: your perception might not align with that of the users’. Hence, learning what your users really want becomes important.

User feedback facilitates that learning for you.

Well, there are multiple ways to collect feedback from your users. And it is important to collect feedback from multiple channels.

It is often said in marketing, every channel becomes redundant after some time. Same is applicable for user feedback as well.

So, what are the best ways to collect user feedback? Read on.

How To Avoid Survey Fatigue With 6 Expert Examples

Soliciting customer feedback in a variety of ways has become ubiquitous across multiple industries. The last thing you want is not getting responses, or in a better way, suffering from survey fatigue.

Consumers don’t love taking surveys or providing feedback.

Even so, they definitely benefit from them with more than 90% of online shoppers turning to customer reviews before making a purchase.

Reviews help shoppers and potential customers assess your product or service before making the final commitment to buy, but it’s typically a bottom-of-funnel tactic that occurs when a customer has already done their research and is ready to purchase.

For top-of-funnel buyers—those people that are still researching companies and products—providing a comprehensive product or company information is essential, particularly for millennial buyers in the B2B space.

More than 70% of millennial B2B buyers get information from a vendor’s website before they ever reach out to a salesperson.

That’s why providing the right content is crucial.

But it’s not always easy to know what your audience wants—do they prefer videos? Webinars? DIY tutorials?

The only way to know is to ask.