3 Steps to Nail Your Niche Using Market Research Survey

Whether are you starting a new business or launching a new product, competitive research for the market and customers is a must. However, we found market research to be very time-consuming, overwhelming, and exhausting. That said, if we don’t do it, then there is a huge chance for failure.

That is why we want to discuss the importance of market research survey in order to nail your next niche market today.

Skyrocket Your Business by Collecting Customer Feedback

Customer feedback and understanding the direction you should be striving towards are two aspects of running a business that often get overlooked.

With a primary vision often in focus, it is easy to stray away from aligning your product offering with what your customers truly want, often resulting in an offering with poor market fit that doesn’t truly solve a problem.

The best option to counter this is through obtaining quality and honest customer feedback – let’s explore this more in depth.

How Morningscore.io uses Feedier to make sense of their user feedback

Morningscore is a new up-and-coming SEO platform hailing from Danemark. They want to bridge the gap between SEO and business, so that both consultants and business owners can correctly pinpoint the real value of their SEO efforts.

In this use case article, we are going to find out how they are using Feedier to make sense of their user feedback and keep up with the constant flow of new users.

Feedier recognized for Great User Experience by FinancesOnline

We’re proud to announce that Feedier has recently been recognized for setting the gold standard for user experience. A team of professional B2B experts from FinancesOnline awarded us their Great User Experience award for 2018 in recognition of Feedier’s intuitive interface, ease of use, well-designed functionalities, and easy product implementation.

How To Find The Most Suitable Feedback Tool?

We all know customers aren’t inherently excited about providing feedback.

Yet, feedback is extremely valuable as it validates that the feature, service, the product being carried over is providing value to the intended people. If customers don’t find value, it amounts for some precious time wasted. 

Focusing on the customer make sound business sense. A research by Deloitte and Touche found that customer-centric companies were 60% more profitable compared to companies that were not focused on the customer.