A Website Feedback Tool That Makes You Thrive

Every website needs Feedback at some point, whether you run a company’s website, an online blog, a product comparator or a product landing page. Your customer’s voice matter and can your organization thrives. Feedier help websites to collect in-site ui design improvement, copy overhaul, bug reports and new ideas easily from a widget.

Why Collect Feeedback for Your Website?

  • Boost your conversion rate
  • Get improvements and bug reports
  • Improve your overall visitor experience
  • Create a relationship with your end-users

Collect Website Feedback for Free

Top Feedier Features for Your Website

  • Notifications

    Receive notifications about what's going on your Feedier account as well as detailed weekly reports.

  • Satisfaction Filter

    Display relevant questions to the right users based on how satisfied they are, Feedier does the matching.

  • Brand it Your Way

    Customize the logo, main color, cover image to get a perfect match for your organization.

  • Segment Your Questions

    Ask for Feedback from your customers the right way by segmenting your questions and using branching logic

  • Complete Analytical

    Graphics such as: number of feedback entries, visits, best countries, average time, NPS...

  • Reward Easily

    The rewards page let you access the list of distributed rewards so that you can get in touch directly.

  • Individual Analytic

    Powerful analytic set for every feedback: device used, browser, time graph, answers, satisfaction...

  • Automate Post-Event Form

    Feedier lets you activate your carrier for a specific date range if needed, you are in control here.

  • Template & Bot Creation

    Use pre-defined templates or our creation bot to get ready within a couple of minutes, no hassle.

  • Customize it

    Make it yours by adding a custom domain, intro content, footer note and even change the language.

Collect Valuable Feedback at the Right Spot

  • Website Feedback Widget

    Vertical or horizontal, beautiful and discret. Engaging & customizable on all the way, that’s the Feedier Engagement widget. This is not another website feedback popup.

  • Satisfaction Score Widget

    Show off your user satisfaction ratio and reviews on your website using our score widget.

Build Your Own Reward Programs.

Exchange valuable Feedback for a reward that increases your turnover. Simple, fair and effective. Feedier comes with a complete reward manager that will suit you.

  • Exclusive Content

    Whether it's a beta feature on your site or some exlcusive content like an eBook. You can use the Feedier reward program.

  • Offer a Discount on Your Product/Service

    Create a loyalty and a direct lead by exchanging a discount of your choice on your offer in exchange of a valuable Feedback. win-win.

  • eGift From Our Partners

    Distribute automatically at your own defined rate eGift such as Amazon market place egifts to your users. All handled by Feedier.

Engage With Your Visitors.

Get more than data! Feedier knows in real time if your vistores are happy or not. Depending on that we let you push the right engagement at the right time.

  • Collect Qualitative Email Addresses

    Whether you want to get newsletter subscribers, use the feedback as a lead magnet, Feedier is a no-brainer.

  • Grow Your Social Networks

    Whether it's Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube… Feedier nicely ask your happy visitors to follow you & spread the word.

  • Collect Testimonials From Happy Visitors

    Let your website send you authentic testimonials that you can re-use on your website or on your social network to build trust.

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