How to listen to the Voice of the Customer with Feedier?

How to listen to the Voice of the Customer with Feedier?

Make use of a Voice-of-Customer platform to gather customer opinions, analyze them, and turn them into useful information that can be put to use to increase revenue.

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VoC platforms, a must-have in every organization

VoC platforms, a must-have in every organization

Rapid technological development in today’s world means that we can better meet the changing demands of our customers.
Stop being slow to adapt to the needs of your customers; instead, use a Voice-of-Customer platform to speed up your learning about them. Put an end to those tedious annual polls, market studies, and ad hoc comments. Reviews, referrals, and word of mouth all play a role in your clients’ final purchasing decisions.

Teams cannot conduct their work without a steady supply of new and interesting information. Align customer expectations with staff demands and create outstanding business outcomes with Feedier, the Agile Business Experience Management platform.

What exactly is a “VoC platform”?

What exactly
is a “VoC platform”?

“Voice of the Customer” (VoC) is used to define the method through which businesses learn from their consumers, make use of their comments, and make adjustments based on what their customers value most. VoC platforms, in contrast to CRMs and ERPs, don’t collect data about businesses but rather analyze customer behavior to determine what changes will have the most impact on the bottom line.

Of leaders believe they are delivering a superior customer experience while only 8% of their customers agree

Enhance Customer Experience Feedier

Enhancing actively
Customer Experience

Enhancing actively
Customer Experience

Enhancing Customer Experiences is actively listening to consumers and responding to their concerns. What your consumers remember and tell their friends and coworkers is the experience they had with your company. Long-term, it generates a ton of sales thanks to happy customers.

Learn more about your customers’ frustrations and how to improve your strategy, goods, and services by listening to and acting on their comments.

“Voice of the Customer,” is crucial in directing the entire organization toward success in satisfying its clients. VOC creates a plan that all of your teams may follow to enhance customer experience, increase revenue, and decrease defections.

Active Listening: The core

Active Listening: The core

The first step of a successful Voice of Customer (VoC) program is to actively listen throughout the customer journey. Although each customer’s experience is unique, collecting feedback using standard digital channels (apps, online portals, emails, SMS, etc.) is quick, painless, and convenient.
With automation, collect data at the most opportune times for a more preventative strategy.

Get a high response rate and useful information from your respondents to make the survey as brief and engaging as possible.

If your response rate as a whole is less than 10%, you will be making decisions based on unreliable information, which will lead to failure. A Voice of Customer (VoC) platform allows you to visualize customer journeys, create dynamic surveys, and monitor response rates in real-time.

Active Listening Feedier
Evaluation and Analysis Feedier

Evaluation & Analysis:
The next logical move

Evaluation & Analysis:
The next logical move

Knowledge gained from using a VoC platform is its primary value. Integrate all of your polls into a single system. Let Feedier’s platform’s ability to provide your team with cutting-edge insights depends on your data functioning together.
Survey tools have been superseded by Experience Management Solutions, which allow for the centralization and analysis of all feedback from your end customers.

Feel more in control with personalized and powerful dashboards, reports, and analytical insights. Text analysis, machine learning, big data, and automation are all on the rise, and are used to bolster insights and ensure the most accurate and useful information possible.

Unify your data and make predictions about the future, compare different consumer groups, and view real-time reports that you can share with the appropriate stakeholder.

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Close the loop, finish the process

Close the loop,
finish the process

Excel at CX and put the client first, ingrain customers in the company’s very foundation. Learn to see things from the customer’s perspective and access accurate data regarding key performance indicators.
Equipping your employees with a VoC platform provides them with the key information they need to make choices to enhance the customer experience as a whole. Use a data-driven strategy that gives everyone on your team a voice.

With appropriate dashboards and automation, your teams will have everything they need to successfully complete the customer feedback cycle. Give these individualized responses and transform your critics into your brand’s biggest advocates.

Of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience

Eliminate the knowledge gap

the knowledge gap

Experience gaps exist whenever there is a disconnect between what a brand promises and what it actually delivers. VOC is what allows every business to close the gap between what customers expect and what they actually receive. If customers can’t report issues, they won’t be addressed.  If customers’ comments are not relayed to the appropriate department, the problem will continue to annoy existing customers.

Always deploy a flexible approach to VOC. Customers will be able to provide feedback at every touchpoint of their experience and give you invaluable, real-time information on where you can improve. Narrow experience gaps and increase profits, boost customer loyalty, and reduce the number of complaints workers must handle. And all that, with Feedier.

Explore vertical Voice of Customer

Explore Vertical
Voice of Customer

Organizational context makes a difference in the value of feedback.
Success vary depending on the industry, market, and sort of business you run. Response rates can be low in B2C but high in B2B, and vice versa. Issues in B2B models can be readily overcome when interacting with customers (B2C).

Businesses often face a plethora of problems, such as insufficient interaction with customers, a negligible response rate, a failure to take any meaningful action, an abundance of data but a dearth of insights, and so on. For this reason, a tailored platform will meet every specific requirement and the unique difficulties your business faces.

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