Workshop Feedback form template

What did the participants think of the workshop’s organization? What about its activities? Get the exact answers with our Workshop Feedback form template.

Why is workshop Feedback important?

Your participants’ Feedback is valuable insights that will help you adjust your future workshops to meet their expectations. The best way to find out what your attendees are thinking is by asking them directly. That’s why our Workshop Feedback Form template will save your day! You’re curious to know what they liked the most about your workshop? Was it the ability to network and establish new contacts? Or was it rather participating in the activities? Feedier’s workshop feedback form template allows your participants to give you an overall assessment of the experience, and offer more specific feedback about what they liked and disliked.

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"Since using Feedier, we've had way more feedback than we have had with other platforms. Our team is about to hit the 5,000 feedback mark, and the use of context attributes has supercharged our forms to give us quality and effortless feedback."

Tanpong Sukhonpanich
Tanpong SukhonpanichProduct managerFutureSkill
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