Goodbye Boring Surveys
and Disconnected Feedback

Replace your surveys by an easy-to-use experience management solution that lets you connect all your feedback together in one place.

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State-of-the-art Experience Management Solution

Replace your numerous survey tools by an Experience Management solution like Feedier. Benefit from automated reporting, data correlation and automated alerts to go beyond feedback.

Feedier shines as

  • One Place to Manage All Your Feedback
  • A Collaborative Solution for Teams
  • Omnichannel Feedback Solution
  • Scalable Feedback Collection
  • Dashboards with Visual Insights

Survey tools are good for

  • Ad Hoc Research
  • Small Businesses & Students Projects
  • One-touchpoint Interactions
  • Non Scalable Processes
  • Spreadsheet Manual Reporting

Looking to switch? Let us help.

We make it easy for your team to try Feedier and switch smoothly to Feedier.

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Feedier is Designed for Teams

So, our Dashboard is simple, easy to use and will deliver unique features that will make you love feedback at all levels.

Gamification Mode
Interactive Survey Templates
Team Dashboards
Correlation Analysis
User Story Manager
Journey Mapping
KPI Goals
Feedier is Designed for Teams
Feedier is a leader in Enterprise Feedback Management on G2
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