Data Driven Product Innovation

Lost contact with your end-customers through a partner or distributor? Reconnect and turn your feedback into innovation leverage. Market research and surveys will fail. Try Feedier.

Why Feedback?

You are operating in a competitive market

To be the leader in your market, you need to innovate. In order to innovate, you need to listen to your customers. Market research is no longer doing the trick: It's too slow and doesn't talk to your core customers. Surveys are too boring: No one answers, no one likes them and they're often outdated. With Feedier, collect meaningful day-to-day customer Feedback, engage your customers and map valuable insights like satisfaction in real time.

Feedier Impact

New innovative way to collect qualitative feedback

Feedier is a Feedback management platform to collect qualitative Feedback with highly engaging and gamified forms that participants enjoy. Be a leader, turn Feedback into growth leverage by making data-driven decisions to improve your products.

  • Create highly engaging forms

    Create highly engaging forms

    Deploy innovative forms in minutes with a unique funnel: S.I.R.A. Measure Satisfaction, collect valuable Insights, Reward to create loyalty, and finally push an Action to create engagement.

  • Get 5x more valuable responses

    Get 5x more valuable responses

    Push highly targeted and unique feedback requests that not only deliver a much better and quicker experience but also incentivize your participants to give their opinion.

  • Empower your Feedback with crossed data

    Empower your Feedback with crossed data

    Link cross-data from your applications and services to the feedback you collect. Segment the data you require. Go one step further with sentiment analysis, thanks to machine learning analysis.

  • Take action with your team

    Take action with your team

    Assign feedback in your teams, engage your participants, export your data and run insight reports for your management. Detect what's driving your success and how to innovate faster.


Daily valuable Feedback is 4 steps away

The Feedier platform is deployed within a couple of days for your teams. Depending on the level of autonomy required, our team can provide training and consultancy to enhance your Feedback initiatives. On Prestige plans, NDA and DPA documents can be requested.

Feedier is integrated with 2,000+ apps through Zapier
  • Confirm Feedier is the right platform for your team

    Book your demo with a Feedier sales representative to check Feedier will add value to your organization. Be shown key features to address your challenges.

  • Invite your team and create your feedback forms

    Build Short and engaging forms using Feedier's form builder. Invite your team and test on the Feedier Dashboard.

  • Start your pilot and collect your 1st Feedback

    Try your forms on a customer segment and measure the engagement and value your team gets from the data insights. 15 to 28 days recommended.

  • Deploy Feedier and iterate

    Roll out new forms on the best performing channels, update existing ones and invite your teams to back up future decisions with customer insights.

Vs Surveys

Surveys are outdated and no longer doing the job, it's time to upgrade.

Survey tools

    • Create long surveys
    • Occasional research
    • By yourself
    • Long text questions
    • Same experience for participants
    • Non collaborative
    • No direct ROI
    • Long data-analysis
    • Create dead-ends


    • Create short engaging forms
    • Daily feedback
    • Fully serviced
    • Interactive questions
    • Unique experience for participants
    • Team oriented (comments, owner...)
    • Direct ROI through loyalty and actions
    • Auto-tagging and powerful data insights
    • Creates relationships and engagements

Our customers have already collected more than 150K Feedback entries

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