Product Feedback

Need innovative ideas for your product team? Connect directly with your final customers and ask them the right questions. Market research and surveys will fail. Try Feedier.

Why Feedback?

Data-Driven Product Innovation

Innovate and get the right product with the right features thanks to your customer's feedback. The data collected from market research will not answer your questions. Surveys are too boring and will not peak people's interest. With Feedier's feedback tools, you will not only support your product management and product development teams but also engage your final customers to reach a high satisfaction rate.

Why Feedback?

Feedier Impact

New innovative way to collect quality feedback

Feedier is a Feedback management platform that lets you collect qualitative Feedback with highly engaging and gamified forms that the participants will love. Be a leader, turn Feedback into a growth leverage by making data-driven decisions to improve your products.

  • Create amazing forms

    Reconnect and engage with product customers through interactive and gamified Feedback forms.

  • Get real-time feedback

    Measure real-time products satisfaction thanks to automated and personalized emails/SMS that drive more responses. Turn customers into brand-ambassadors.

  • Visualize live journeys

    Empower the Feedback you collect with contextual metadata like product attributes to turn Feedback data into segmented insights.

  • Make feedback actionable

    Tag ideas, assign and comment on Feedback data to turn the voice of your customers into direct actions.


Turn the voice of your customers into daily data intelligence
Dynamic widget

Use the Feedier widget to collect Feedback a defined moments of you user's journey. The widget comes with over 12 options and a complete API to integrate it easily in your websites and applications.

Feedier Resources

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The How and Why of In-App Feedback [With 5 Examples]

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How to Achieve Your Company Goals With Feedback Form
How to Achieve Your Company Goals With Feedback Form

Customers' feedback is crucial for every business because it reflects and determines the sustainability of a company. When you listen to your customers' feedback, you can better understand their needs and preferences, determine their [...]

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Post-Purchase Survey Essentials For eCommerce Businesses

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All feedback in one platform. Try it free!

A new innovative platform to engage better and make feedback a no-brainer.

Survey tools

  • Create boring surveys
  • Low response rate
  • Manual
  • Long text questions
  • Create dead-ends
  • Non collaborative
  • Endless data-analysis

feedback platformfeedback platform

  • Manage interactive forms
  • Best response rate with gamification
  • Automated channels (in-app, emails, widget...)
  • Interactive questions
  • Engage people
  • Team oriented (comments, owner...)
  • Key insights and PDF reports with graphics
  • Ready-to-use form template
  • Video tutorials
  • 14-day trial on any paid plan
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