Feedier for Strategic Marketing Teams

Feedier helps your team get better real-time customer insights. Automate feedback collection at key moments of the customer journey so you get information that empowers different operational teams(products, support, sales, etc.). By closing the gap between the needs of operational and marketing departments, you can create a culture of customer-centric opportunities.

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Feedier for Strategic Marketing Teams

Collect ALL feedback in one place

Manage all your feedback data in one place, by getting direct customer feedback from interactive Feedier Surveys and indirect feedback from integrations. Feedier lets you import existing data too.

Feedback Collection in Feedier Screenshot

Organize feedback automatically

When feedback data is recorded in Feedier, it gets automatically organized per product, branch, and geography so the data is structured and matches the intricacy of your own business. Your team also benefits from this segmented data by receiving precisely tailored insights.

Rich analysis that saves hours

Feedier comes with a complete suite of feedback analytic tools like text analysis, KPI, correlation, and answer reports. It crushes the complexity of comparing large amounts of feedback data from many sources by providing context to deliver clear and visual reports that you can share in one click.

Text analysis in Feedier Screenshot
Feedback Actions in Feedier Screenshot

Improve with precision

Get the WHY behind your analytics by using enriched feedback data. Hundreds of marketing teams use Feedier to detect issues before they create major financial losses (conversion issues, failing products, etc.) and automatically assign the right feedback to the right team so improvements happen at the moment.

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