Feedier for Business Intelligence (BI) teams

Feedier for Business Intelligence (BI) teams

Feedier assists in the collection, organisation, and analysis of feedback data at the operational level. Feedier helps operational teams to make better data-driven decisions while providing each team with a holistic view through their BI platform.

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Problems with asynchronous surveys

Problems with asynchronous surveys

Due to the intricacy of your business’s operations, you have a large amount of data. It seldom constitutes an asset over the long run, existing instead in isolated silos and being conveyed mostly via forgettable PowerPoint presentations. The difficulty with conventional survey methods is that they don’t work together, need ad hoc analysis, and have to be integrated manually.

Gather and standardize
user comments

Gather and
standardize user comments

Feedback data is mapped, organized, and unified on Feedier. Operations teams may spend less time on survey creation and analysis thanks to the data being centralized. Operations teams receive their own, separate, secure, and user-friendly dashboards with the feedback that is important to them, while the rest of the company benefits from organized feedback data.

centralize feedback for business intelligence
enrich feedback data

Improve the quality
of feedback information

Improve the quality of feedback information

Incorporate real-time customer feedback into your current CRM, ERP, or support solutions (such as Jira, Freshdesk, Dynamics, Salesforce, etc.) by connecting them. Both the local operations team and the BI team may reap the advantages of this two-way synchronization, which maximizes the use of previous investments.

Operational teams also
have access to the feedback data

Operational teams also have access to the feedback data

By automatically categorizing and distributing the appropriate feedback data to the appropriate operational team, Feedier empowers those teams to take charge of their own feedback. You can use it to have your teams get notifications in places like Slack or Microsoft Teams, and it will aid you in making the best choice possible in any given situation. If operational teams have access to relevant data at the correct moment, they may identify issues before they escalate into crises. You may get an advantage over the competition by reducing the complexity of your processes.

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