Feedier for Intelligence Teams

Feedback data is a strategic asset for your company. A better understanding of experiences lets your organization be more agile and data-driven. That’s where Feedier comes in, we help our clients collect, organize and analyze their feedback data at the operational level. By enriching existing tools, Feedier empowers operational teams to make better data-driven decisions while giving your team a global view using your BI platform.

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Feedier for Intelligence Teams

The problem with disconnected surveys

Your organization has data, too often it lies in disconnected silos and never represents a long-term asset but rather Powerpoint presentations that are quickly forgotten. That’s the problem with survey tools, they’re disconnected, they require ad-hoc analysis and manual integrations to get reliable intelligence.

Unify feedback data

The first thing Feedier does is to map, organize and unify all your feedback data into one platform. Centralizing it for smarter analysis and saving operational teams many hours of building new surveys. While your organization benefits from structured feedback data, operational teams get independent dashboards with the feedback they own.

Feedback Collection in Feedier Screenshot
Operational Data in Feedier Screenshot

Enrich feedback data

Connect existing tools in your IT infrastructure like CRM, ERP, or support tools to enrich them with real-time feedback data. Not only does it help to capitalize on existing investments, but it’s also a two-way synchronization that benefits both the operational teams at the local level and the general business intelligence that comes from organizing the feedback together.

Feedback data owned by operational teams

Feedier makes operational teams (product, marketing, support, sales, etc.) the owner of their own feedback data by automatically organizing and assigning the right data to the right team. It empowers your teams to receive alerts and make the best decision possible at any given time. Empowering operational teams with the right data at the right time helps to detect issues before there is any financial loss. Matching your operational complexity and giving your organization a competitive edge.

Alerts in Feedier Screenshot

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