Client Feedback

Receive regular quality Feedback by asking the right questions to your clients through interactive forms. Create an adequate client experience thanks to the data collected through automated Feedback tools.

Why Feedback?

Engage your clients

Getting quality Feedback is a way for your business to directly engage clients at every stage of the service delivery. Give the right data to your teams to set the right marketing goals and business strategies with a client-centric mindset. Make clients satisfaction your new powerful argument to get your next deal.

Why Feedback?

Feedier Impact

New innovative way to collect quality feedback

Feedier is a Feedback management platform that lets you collect qualitative Feedback with highly engaging and gamified forms that the participants will love. Be a leader, turn Feedback into a growth leverage by making data-driven decisions to improve your clients' daily life.

  • Create amazing forms

    Reconnect and Engage with clients automatically when it matters most: sales, onboarding, service delivery...

  • Get real-time feedback

    Get more responses with unique personalized messages and experiences that generate client loyalty thanks to regular engagement.

  • Visualize live journeys

    Turn client Feedback into contextualized stories thanks to event automation, individual reports and connection with your CRM applications.

  • Make feedback actionable

    Access to personalized PDF clients satisfaction reports with key graphics and insights that can be easily shared with your team and management.


Turn the voice of your clients into daily data intelligence
Automated workflows

Connect Feedier with your services to automatically send the right customized email with the right form to the right client. Using Zapier or an integration from our team, Feedier can be integrated in complex workflows (onboarding, sales, service delivery).

Feedier Resources

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All feedback in one platform. Try it free!

A new innovative platform to engage better and make feedback a no-brainer.

Survey tools

  • Create boring surveys
  • Low response rate
  • Manual
  • Long text questions
  • Create dead-ends
  • Non collaborative
  • Endless data-analysis

feedback platformfeedback platform

  • Manage interactive forms
  • Best response rate with gamification
  • Automated channels (in-app, emails, widget...)
  • Interactive questions
  • Engage people
  • Team oriented (comments, owner...)
  • Key insights and PDF reports with graphics
  • Ready-to-use form template
  • Video tutorials
  • 14-day trial on any paid plan
Feedier is a leader in Enterprise Feedback Management on G2
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