A Feedback Solution That Fits Your Business.

Use Feedier to collect valuable Feedback that will strengthen your customer relationship at all levels. Helping you reach new customers with fresh testimonials, improving your existing services and create loyalty through well-thought rewards. Create an experience.

Why Collect Feeedback About Your Services?

  • Create a Feedback-loop for constant improvement
  • Increase loyalty for your existing customers
  • Reach new customers more easily
  • Improve your customer relationships

Collect Service Feedback for Free

Top Feedier Features for Your Business

  • Client Access

    Let third-party people access your Feedier dashboard with a restricted view-only role to see only what matters to them.

  • 1-to-1 Relationship

    Feedier lets you get in touch with your customers directly through their email and your own CRM.

  • Individual Report

    A complete report is built for any feedback so you can understand any customer in one click.

  • Satisfaction Filter

    Display relevant questions to the right users based on how satisfied they are, Feedier does the matching.

  • Customizable Email Templates

    Change and test within the Dashboard what email is being sent to your customer for any scenario. Easy.

  • Email Widget

    Collect Feedback from your emails by using the Feedier Email snippet that will solicit Feedback right into your emails.

  • Get New Testimonials

    Feedier detects happy users and can ask them to leave you a complete testimonial along with their email.

Collect Valuable Feedback at the Right Spot

  • Right in Your Client’s Inbox

    Reach your customer through their email inbox with a nice-looking completely customized email.

  • Satisfaction Score Widget

    Showcase your global customer satisfaction ratio right on your website to improve your conversion rate.

Build Your Own Reward Programs.

Exchange valuable Feedback for a reward that increases your turnover. Simple, fair and effective. Feedier comes with a complete reward manager that will suit you.

  • Offer a Discount on Your Services

    Create a loyalty and a direct lead by exchanging a discount of your choice on your offer in exchange of a valuable Feedback. win-win.

  • Exclusive Content

    Give away exclusive part of your services to your customer in exchange of a valuable Feedback. Whether it’s a training session, a maintenance service, an eBook… Your customers will love it.

  • eGift From Our Partners

    Distribute automatically at your own defined rate eGift such as Amazon market place egifts to your customers. All handled by Feedier.

Engage With Your Clients.

Get more than data! Feedier knows in real time if your customers are happy or not. Depending on that we let you push the right engagement at the right time.

  • Collect Testimonials From Happy Customers

    Feedier can detect your happy customers and ask them to write them a signed testimonial that you can showcase on any network including your website, to increase your conversion rate.

  • Grow Your Social Networks

    Whether it's Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube… Feedier nicely ask your happy customers to follow you & spread the word.

  • Grow Your Newsletter

    Skyrocket your newsletter subscribers by asking your customers at the end of the Feedback experience to subscribe. Push new services and updates about your business, easily.

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