Discover the Power of Integrating feedback with Salesforce’s database

Feedier’s native integration will help you make use of your existing customers’ data by enriching ongoing feedback.

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Take advantage of
your Salesforce investment

Incorporate customer feedback and allocate them to the appropriate customer automatically to learn more about their journey. Feedier’s ability to connect to any platform via the Salesforce API helps any company maximize the value of its data without compromising its privacy or confidentiality.

Bidirectional data sync for accurate mapping

Salesforce and Feedier can function as one unified system.
Optimize each journey and make the most of your data use. Find every pain point in any journey and notify the appropriate people with real-time alerts. Fix any problems your customers, employees, or end-users are having at any moment in their journey.

Give your feedback a context and refine reports

When feedback is combined with other customer data, they get invaluable context.
Better understand customer by using pre selected attributes (metadata) that can be automatically attached to derive personalized insights.
Generate real-time reports that are relevant to your client data, business operations and KPIs.

Salesforce data empowered with feedback management

The integration between Feedier and Salesforce is a quick and simple method of merging end-customer feedback into your existing customer database.
The SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language) will be the foundation for this bidirectional synchronization, which will allow for the creation of elementary but potent data queries within one platform. Through one platform, you will be able to study your overall satisfaction within your attributes, allowing you to take immediate, effective steps toward enhancing your business as a whole.

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reach the peak of business experience

Reach the Peak of Business Experience

Feedier’s ability to connect with any platform or software that has an API will help your company balance all human, technology, and data in one place, ensuring that customers’, employees’, and users’ voices are heard.

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