A Feedback Solution That Fits Your Business.

Collect real-time Feedback to drive new sales for your shop. Understand where you are doing good and where you can do better, easily. Turn your Feedback experience in a fun and engaging proccess that will turn your visitors into customers.

Why Collect Shopping Feedback

  • Boost your turnover and improve conversion
  • Build relationship and increase customer loyalty
  • Improve your overall visitor experience
  • Create a relationship with your end-customers

Collect Retail Feedback for Free

Top Feedier Features for Your Shop

  • 1-to-1 Relationship

    Feedier lets you get in touch with your customers directly through their email and your own CRM.

  • Brand it Your Way

    Customize the logo, main color, cover image to get a perfect match for your organization.

  • Eye Catching

    Bye old ugly forms. Beautiful animated design to create the best experience including gamification.

  • Answer Tags

    Tag any answer from any Feedback to group them by topic and share them easily in an all-in-one report.

  • Custom Fields Support

    Identify any Feedback you receive by passing or asking for persona-information (a.k.a custom fields) to use Feedier as a data relay.

  • Station Mode

    Collect Feedback from your own tablet with our Feedback stations program: Feedback loop, location recording, app experience & more.

  • Ready-to-use QR Code

    Get a unique Feedier QR code that points to your form and let you collect Feedback from any physical spot with a smartphone.

  • Multiple Segments

    Define as many segments as you wish to get a clear ready-to-use segmentation of your results.

Collect Valuable Feedback at the Right Spot

  • Feedback Station

    Use physical Feedback stations at your counter or anywhere in your store to collect real-time Feedback.

  • QR Codes

    Whether it’s on your walls or shelves, use scannable codes or a short custom link to get Feedback.

Build Your Own Reward Programs.

Exchange valuable Feedback for a reward that increases your turnover. Simple, fair and effective. Feedier comes with a complete reward manager that will suit you.

  • Loyalty points

    Are your running a Loyalty program? Connect to Feedier’s API to automatically assign points to your customer after the Feedback.

  • Offer a Discount on a Product

    Create loyalty by exchanging a discount of your choice on any product in exchange of a valuable Feedback. win-win.

  • eGift From Our Partners

    Distribute automatically at your own defined rate eGift such as Amazon market place eGifts to your users. All handled by Feedier.

Reap the Benefits of the Feedback.

Get more than data! Feedier knows in real time if your visitors are happy or not. Depending on that we let you push the right engagement at the right time.

  • Get 5-Star Reviews

    Stand out on Google by collecting more 5-star Google Business Reviews at the end of the Feedback. Only for happy visitors.

  • Grow Your Social Networks

    Whether it's Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube… Feedier nicely ask your happy customers to follow you & spread the word.

  • Collect Testimonials From Happy Visitors

    Close the feedback loop. Let your customers send you authentic in-shop experience and build proof.

Free, no credit card required