Yes, Feedier is entirely compliant with GDPR regulations

  1. Collected data is owned by your organization. Feedier does not reuse, sell or benchmark any of the data collected. We are committed to data portability, data privacy, and you can download or delete data at any moment.
  2. No data is transferred outside of the EU.
  3. The data is hosted, by default, in Europe.
  4. All the data is erased at the end of the subscription.
  5. The data is backed up and encrypted on a regular basis.
  6. All our employees sign confidentiality agreements before gaining access to our code and data. Everybody at Feedier is trained and made aware of security concerns and best practices for their systems.
  7. Absolutely no client data is stored in Feedier’s employee’s laptops, nor at Feedier office locations.
  8. Feedier provides tools to manage user consent and delete specific user data directly from the platform.
  9. Feedier’s security is audited on a yearly basis and our SIP team will provide all assistance needed to proceed your own security audit.
  10. Feedier does not use or capture data that is not explicitly given by the participants (aka survey answers) or forwarded by your organization (aka attributes).

Our team can send you our Security Overview manifest as well as SLA upon request ([email protected]). These documents outline our processes in greater detail.