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Qualiopi Certification

and Feedier

One way for organizations offering training, skills assessment, V.A.E., or apprenticeship courses to get public and/or mutualized financing is to receive the Qualiopi certification

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Keep a close eye on
the experience of your participants

Offer the best experience possible and get certified “Qualiopi” by clarifying any problems you may be having and providing genuine information that will assist your business in being successful in the industry. All of your feedback data are centralized and analyzed with Feedier, which is accessed directly from the platform.

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Elevate your exposure by streamlining your operations

Elevate your exposure by streamlining your operations

Advance to the next level by enhancing the procedures of your training and seminar and attracting the greatest number of participants. Use information from participants feedback to pinpoint problems. Assign a team to lead the digital transformation and get right into making progress.
Gain access to robust reports based on centralized feedback, enabling you to see problems and initiate change immediately.

Get one step closer to obtaining your Qualiopi certification

Feedier is an agile feedback management solution that will provide you with actual and actionable insights into how to raise participants satisfaction and lessen operational friction. Feedier allows you to consolidate all of your feedback data into a secure location, from which you can generate insights that will help you provide a better experience for your end-customer.

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Why earn the Qualiopi certification?2022-11-17T13:27:18+01:00

If a training and skills development provider has been certified by Qualiopi, it is guaranteed that they follow high standards in all aspects of their business. It’s necessary to unlock the door to publicly-funded mutualized funds and vocational education.

What organizations does this accreditation affect?2022-11-17T13:28:14+01:00

Specific training organizations are now required to get Qualiopi accreditation as proof that they provide services in accordance with industry standards. The following services are provided by organizations participating in the Qualiopi certification process:

  • Evaluating and Training New Talents
  • Training via an Apprenticeship Program
  • Verification of Prior Learning (VAE)

Public and Private Higher Education Institutions, which have their own rules, are not required to undertake Qualiopi certification.

What is the mission of the Qualiopi Label?2022-11-17T13:26:40+01:00

Provide more visibility of the training offered for businesses and users and confirm the quality of the process executed by suppliers of activities contributing to skill development.

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