The future of listening to the Voice-of-Customer

The future of listening to the Voice-of-Customer

The solution with the highest extent of adaptability to grasp customer experiences.

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Collect and centralize feedback

A plethora of data, one solution to manage it. BX Core™ is a module that allows you to collect, import, centralize and organize all your customer feedback data. Stay away from creating data silos, keep a clear and accurate view of the entire customer journey.

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Analyze and share insights

Knowledge is power. BX Intelligence™ can help you understand the full significance of your data. Get a detailed view of your data with a powerful, scalable, and intuitive dashboard that will allow you to sharply and easily examine your customer feedback data and tackle any problems your organization may face.

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Improve and own decision making

Excellence is not a skill, it’s an attitude. Reach perfection in experience with BX Excellence™ and its ability of integration with existing business tools. Feedier lets you connect all of your data and move closer to your goal of achieving excellence in your operations.

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Store your data safely

Security and compliance are our foundations. Get complete confidence that all of your customer data is secure and protected on a GDPR-compliant platform with Feedier BX Cloud™.

Feedback analyzed every year

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Quarterly audited for full compliance and data security