How to correlate feedback data with external tools?

How to correlate feedback data with external tools?

Getting feedback is good, but getting the full picture around your feedback is much better. You have the data, let’s make them work together.

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The challenge of understanding
motivations behind feedback

The challenge of understanding motivations behind feedback

Gather data like customer feedback and NPS ratings is simple. Most of the information that these tools provide are lost on you, though. You will always be stuck using these technologies separately, and you will never obtain quantitative business results unless you correlate data together. Market researchers and data scientists equally rely on pivot table analysis with several columns to draw conclusions about a market.

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No intelligence without Correlation

No intelligence
without Correlation

Correlation is a statistical measure of the degree of relationship between two variables. A correlational study can find either a positive or negative correlation, or it can find no correlation at all.
Understanding what elements are driving pleasure and amplifying them is essential in the experience sector, and correlation is a key tool for doing just that. Correlation draws attention to shared causes of criticism, making it easier to address these issues to the right people. It’s all about pinpointing these aspects and supporting any educated estimates with hard information from your customers.

Companies grow only by seeing the big picture, which is attained through the use of correlational data. This is a long-term intelligent investment, not a one-time job. Modern and future oriented businesses now make use of cloud solutions, and provide their teams with ideal instruments linking feedback data with key business decisions.

Benefit from your cloud solution

Benefit from
your cloud solution

The use of cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), human resources (HR), information technology (IT), and frontend application services provides a twofold opportunity for your team to learn from customer feedback and enhance the experience.

Make it possible to automate the feedback request process and keep away time-consuming human labor formerly required with these cloud platforms. With Feedier, transform boring annual satisfaction surveys into actionable pulses of feedback in real time with. The operational data stored in cloud platforms, when joined with the experience data you already have, greatly enhances the value of the feedback you receive.

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Add more factors into your analysis to connect the dots

Add more variables into your analysis to connect the dots

Every firm has its unique characteristics that fuel long term success. Including these custom variables, you will not only ensure that your data is consistent, but also will improve your ability to spot problems and their origin.

Is the average variables (dimensions) needed to get the full context

Invest in Business Experience
for Your Working Team

Invest in Business Experience for
Your Working Team

Make the insights more complete and accessible to the proper people by integrating your experience data (feedback, reviews, attitudes, etc.) with your operational systems. With doing so, the traditional top-down method is replaced by one in which authority is devolved to the front lines, where the needs of stakeholders may be communicated directly to individuals who interact directly with the end user on a daily basis. To enhance the experience on their end, provide people in charge of feedback with their own dashboards and key performance indicators. Provide them with Feedier.

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