Get More Feedback With Incentives

Get More Feedback With Incentives

Blow up your response rate with incentives, create unique loyalty programs with our rewards manager.

Make your participants happy and create loyalty for your business

Don’t offer a reward but let your participant get a chance to win a reward. Control the probability and distribution limit with the Feedier Reward manager. Feedier helps you boost your response rate and create loyalty by using rewards that get you cash back (eg. coupon on next purchase).

Feedier handles it for you

The Feeedier rewards manager lets you control your campaign and distribute the rewards for you.

  • Create a unique end-user experienceCreate a unique end-user experience
  • Enjoy the automatic rewards deliveryEnjoy the automatic rewards delivery
  • Control both the probability and limitControl both the probability and limit
  • Analyze the impact of your rewardsAnalyze the impact of your rewards
  • Choose from 8 different reward typesChoose from 8 different reward types
  • Integrate your own loyalty platformIntegrate your own loyalty platform
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Create a unique end-user experienceEnjoy the automatic rewards deliveryControl both the probability and limitAnalyze the impact of your rewardsChoose from 8 different reward typesIntegrate your own loyalty platform

Feedier's value? Collect valuable Feedback to make the right calls

Our landing pages aim to give you a brief overview of the elements that make Feedier a different product to collect Feedback. The best way for you to understand it is to try it yourself.

  • Provide a Gamified Experience

    Provide a Gamified Experience

    Create branded Feedback forms that people want to take, on any device, with our unique form builder.

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  • Delight and Engage Your Participants

    Delight and Engage Your Participants

    Satisfied respondents deserve to be heard on your review pages. Segment your most unsatisfied so you can start finding out why.

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  • Stop Spamming, Use the Right Channel

    Stop Spamming, Use the Right Channel

    Our touch-point manager makes it easy to share your form via: Email, SMS, website feedback, QR code, and many more channels.

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