Empower responses

Storify your feedback into visual journeys that inform your decision making. Using User Story built from contextual information and real-time feedback received at key touchpoints.

  • Bespoke summary reports

    Bespoke summary reports

    Get a complete summary report of all your collected data in one single PDF that you can generate per department, form, time period, user...

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  • Context attributes

    Context attributes

    Empower your Feedback with metadata from your ecosystem: account ID, gender, department... Making insights more valuable with better segmentation.

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  • Answer tagging

    Answer tagging

    Feedier uses machine learning analysis on every new Feedback received to give your team enriched data and automatic tagging that gets better over time.

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  • Segment data for reporting

    Segment data for reporting

    Define selectors and filters to create segments. Export your data to Excel or CSV in just one-click.

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  • Individual reports

    Individual reports

    For every Feedback received, Feedier provides you with a single response report that contains specific data and analytics that you can share with your team.

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  • Automation API support

    Automation API support

    Feedier connects with 2,000 applications through Zapier and comes with a powerful REST API and webhooks to connect with your services and join your ecosystem together.

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That's just the tip of the iceberg

There are too many great features to list them all here, but you can check out more of the things that make Feedier the best collaborative Feedback management platform on the web by visiting our plans and pricing page.

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