Sabrena McDonald

Head of QSR Sales & Marketing

Restaurants Associates Ltd. (RAL) is the Caribbeanʼs leading restaurant management company. Founded in 1984, RAL is part of the Lake Group of Companies, a family-business led group that has grown to manage Restaurant Brands, property management, logistics and more. RAL currently represents quick service restaurants in more than 70 locations across Jamaica, Trinidad and Barbados.

Managing international quick service restaurant brands such as Burger King, Popeyes and Little Caesars Pizza means having a better understanding of what their customers think on a daily basis. As they operate multiple brands, it was historically difficult to physically go into each store and collect feedback. Data was not stored in one location, and building any sort of identification of satisfaction and trends proved difficult.

“Feedier helped us to view and improve our customer satisfaction in real-time. Using an intuitive platform to handle our surveys and measure results gave us the ability to grow our marketing and customer service team’s knowledge. We have improved our ability to engage our customers on their in-store experience and also maximized our opportunities to gauge customer perception, attitudes and behavior, especially regarding our service, products and media consumption. Using the custom QR codes designed by Feedier, we were able to attach basic attribute data alongside further information we ask for in their feedback forms. This gave us a 360° view of what our customers think, and we were able to support the branch locations that were underperforming.

Having features on the platform designed to not only collect data, but also provide key indicators of customer dissatisfaction, enabled our team to start tracking potential customer cohorts that could become detractors to our business. By being flagged of these trends as they start to develop allowed us to be in a position to quickly provide solutions. Due to the nature of Feeder’s platform, collaboration remains at the forefront of how we operate. The marketing department is able to share key insights without compromising on the purity of their feedback data. Using Feedier reinforces our focus on customer satisfaction. We have a key group of customers who now offer us insights into how we can improve, from the signage in-store to our key menu items across brands. We track the Net Promoter Score within our surveys to measure a pulse of our customer satisfaction.”

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