Christophe Hermant

Customer Experience leader

A dynamic consulting firm based in the north of France that supports companies in the definition and the operational declination of their transformation strategies. By providing top-notch consultants they help their clients better achieve their deliverables responding to many challenges : agile the information system management, work together, innovate, enhance data, ensure efficiency, change management.

For Projexion, customer experience is the number one priority and is a key competitive advantage. Working on relatively long timelines, the client journey at Projexion isn’t a simple one-click order relationship. They have proved this by having developed a strong relationship in the core of their business by building meaningful moments and interactions between Projexion’s consultants and their clients. With this in mind, the client experience is crucial to Projexion’s long-term growth, and it is a key differentiator in their ability to stand out from the large factory-like consulting firms.

Projexion takes that relationship very seriously and has even created Lunch & Learn events to bring all their clients together to discuss trending topics in their domain of expertise. Not only is it an excellent use of knowledge sharing, but it can also lead to added value through the incubation of new ideas and cross-sectional collaborations. But Projexion knows, even though customer experience is vital, you can’t improve what you don’t measure. To succeed, Projexion needed a solution that unifies feedback from all touchpoints (end of engagement, Lunch & Learn events, workshops, etc.) and has them in one place that wasn’t only available to the Head of Experience but also to the right consultants. So, feedback isn’t just nice to have but rather actionable insights that provide upward feedback driving the client experience to the top.

As human experience was at the heart of Projexion’s strategy, Feedier’s experience management solution enabled Projexion to easily manage all their client feedback in one place, unifying 41 feedback surveys and empowering their team with data-driven insights coming straight from their clients. Whilst Projexion was aware of the importance of setting feedback collection as a clear target, by using Feedier they were able to use a custom interface that stored key information like client name, consultant, and engagement dates. Unique links were then generated based on the key information so that clients and consultants received a unique and personalized survey.

This led to Projexion quickly identifying the gaps in the clients’ experience and making sure the right consultant was assigned to the right feedback. Using Feedier’s gamified form builder, Projexion replaced boring and long-winded traditional surveys with quick and interactive ones that matched Projexion’s vision and brand of always providing the best experience. Last but certainly not least, by unifying all feedback in one place and using Feedier’s analytics capabilities, Projexion made client feedback a strategic asset with both quantitative and qualitative data available quickly through visual reports for their new recruits. The reports are updated in real-time in order to continually guide important decisions that match the client’s needs.

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